Top 5 FA Running Backs-2019

Our top 5 frees agent running backs are here! Down below we have them listed with a description for each player we think could either have a major impact on the fantasy season or not. Enjoying reading and if you like what you read please be sure to share and follow us! If you like this be sure to check out our free agent WR post

Le’Veon Bell

  • The Top dog in this Free agent class of players is Bell he provides the best and most versatile skill. Now when it comes to him signing with a new team there won’t be a single concern about his play. Just more of his mindset and if he really wants to play football.
  • Bell’s game is very unique in that he can lineup all over the field and make plays. He can lineup in the slot or outside and play WR given his great route running and size at 6’1”. He can win a lot contested catches. Along with his running style which is very unique he can make big plays out of nothing.
  • Wherever Bell signs this off-season he should still be a force. And be a top running back in all drafts and still be hard to trade for given how valuable he is. Given that is is only 27 years old he still has a few more years of prime football to go. Right now might be an opportunity to buy low on him given that Bell owners might be a little down on him. So if you can go grab him do it. But only at the right price because there is still a lot of uncertainty about his willingness to play.
  • The one team that I feel would be an ideal fit for him would be Tamapa. They have all the offensive weapons besides Running back. And Bruce Arians knows how to use a running back of Bells caliber. Just look at David Johnson’s seasons when Arians was the coach.

Mark Ingram

  • Mark Ingram has buyer beware written all over him if he lands on a team other than the Saints next year. Ingram the last couple years has been a great fantasy running back and has been very effective with the touches he has gotten. Keep in mind that he is 29 years old and has never been an explosive type back where he can make big plays at any point and time like his running mate Kamara.
  • The one thing he has going for him is that over the course of his career he hasn’t logged an insane carry amount like some backs at 29. So for example lets compare him to McCoy and his first 8 seasons.
  • Lesean McCoy’s first 8 seasons – 1,898 carries
  • Mark Ingram’s first 8 season – 1,321 carries
  • now that is a huge difference and might be able to help Ingram keep playing well into his 30s. After those first 8 season for McCoy he another good year followed by last years horrible injury riddled and ineffective season. It just shows that being an Running back in this league you can only take so much and luckily for Ingram he doesn’t have that insane wear and tear.
  • Wherever Ingram signs this year I’m sure he will be a solid option. He is a great all around back that can do it all. His best fantasy location would be going back to the saints. I can’t see the saints spending the money to resign him so it will be interesting to see where he lands. Ingram right now for me is a wait and see type player at the moment until we get some Free agency movement.

Tevin Coleman

  • In Coleman Rookie season he had beaten out Devonte Freeman for the starting running back role before he got hurt. Then Freeman caught fire and never looked back at being the starting running back in ATl. But in year 2 you saw the Falcons deploy Coleman in every which way and watched him put up extremely efficient numbers to help him produce a solid fantasy year. Last year Freeman went down and Coleman took over. He put up his best numbers of his career averaging 4.8YPC for 800 yards rushing along with 276 yards receiving
  • Being only 26 years old and not having a ton of wear on his body from the last few season. He is primed for a bigger role this year with a new team. I think he will command pretty decent money and end up being a pretty valuable fantasy running back wherever he goes next season. He is one player I am very excited to see what he can do in a more prominate role.

T.J. Yeldon

  • I’ve always liked T.J. Yeldon but over the course of his career he has been up and down some seasons. He has the build that makes him workhorse running back but has struggled getting banged. But the one skill set he has and does it very well is his receiving ability.
  • The one thing I feel that will help Yeldon a lot is a change of scenery and getting a fresh start with a new team will definitely help a lot. Now at this point he may never get a chance to be a starting running back but he might be able to carve out an solid role as a change of pace/ receiving back. But he also has the size to be a goal line weapon.
  • For me Yeldon has the same ability as Coleman he just needs to sign with the right team to help him achieve his potential. So be sure to keep and eye on where he lands.

Jalen Richard

  • Richard had a career year in Jon Gruden’s first year as head coach. A lot had to do with lynch being hurt and the Raiders always playing catch-up during the season. Which lead to his best receiving yardage of his career but his rushing totals pretty much remained the same.
  • I love Richard’s explosive ability but I don’t think he will ever get a consistent role on this team week after week even though he has earned it. He is a player who I feel could be really good if given consistent touches week after week. He reminds me a lot of Duke Johnson players who play well with their touches but never seem to ever gain any consistency with them. Richard is nothing more than a pass catching back on the back end of your roster but he can somehow manage to get some consistent play he could be very good. I wouldn’t go out of my way to put him on your fantasy team though.

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