By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: 2/20/2019

AB today has said that he and the Steelers will be parting ways this off-season which means one lucky team will be getting an ultra talented player on their squad. Now we will talk about some teams that have been rumored to AB and where he could land and what kind of effect it could have on him and his new team in fantasy.

San Francisco 49ers

  • AB Landing in San Fran might be the best situation for everyone involved. 49ers have the potential to make a big leap next year with their team and they have a lot of young up and coming players ready to breakout.
  • AB’s targets should remain consistent with 49ers given their only other threat on offense right now is Kittle. But being in San Fran gives AB the chance to work with Kyle Shanahan who will creatively use him and find mismatches all over the field for him to get open. Landing in San Fran also gives Jimmy G a chance to make a huge leap next year. Landing In San Fan in our opinion is the best landing spot out of all we have listed here.

New York Jets

  • The Jets are a young rebuilding team and also have a lack of offensive weapons which would lead to a huge target volume for AB being there. But my biggest problem is I am not a big Darnold fan and think he is way too turnover prone to help AB stay consistent with his Steeler days.
  • Landing with the Jets would of course help Darnold but I am not entirely sure that it would help AB and especially with him turning 30, he is going to need some help from his QB and Coach to help scheme him open sometimes and I am just not a believer in Gase and Darnold. Last year in Miami Gase consistently refused to use his best offensive players and it was mind boggling and Gase doesn’t strike me as a coach who is willing to adjust and change.

Arizona Cardinals

  • The Cardinals are a very interesting landing spot also, They have some good offensive pieces to help take some attention away from AB at times with Fitz, Kirk, and DJ. So AB could see a healthy amount of targets and he could also help in the progression for Rosen in year 2 but I wouldn’t bank to much on a huge year 2 leap until they fix that horrible offensive line.
  • with Kliff Kingsbury now with the cardinals it will be interesting to see how he employs his offensive. Everything about him coming out of college is he is an extreme pass heavy coach, he had one game at Texas Tech where his QB passed the ball 88 times!!!! Landing with the Cardinals would be a very interesting spot and might even let AB reach all time highs if Kingsbury is consistent with how he called games in college.

Oakland Raiders

  • AB heading to the Raiders would help a ton especially going into 2020 when the move to Vegas, but other than that this might not be the ideal spot for AB to land. Even though Carr put up solid numbers last year we all saw that he just didn’t look the best at moment and that could have been just due to a lack of talent around him.
  • Landing AB in Oakland would help Carr a ton and the fact that he is the only capable WR on the roster he would be fed the ball often all game long. I only worry about if AB would regress with Carr given how Amari cooper seemed to be not targeted enough by Carr during their time together and wonder if Carr might hinder AB in anyway.

Indianapolis Colts

  • Anderw Luck and AB would have a really nice ring to it on Sundays, but Chris Ballard the Colts GM has said that they are not looking to make any big splash or pick up a player they feel could be a hinder to their locker room and AB unfortunately checks both those boxes.
  • But if the Colts were to have a change of heart and trade for AB we could see something really special the only downside might be the fact that AB volume might take a dip given all the players the Colts have with Ebron, Doyle, Ty Hilton, Mack and Hines. There could be a lot of mouths to feed and with Frank Reich he looks to spread the ball around. But landing here would be a great situation and like if he were to land in San Fran he would be getting freed up more by scheme.