By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: 2/13/2019

One of the most bizarre trade of the day happened, Joe Flacco being traded to the Denver Broncos for a 4th round pick. First lets start by saying this trade made absolutely no sense for the Broncos given they already had Case Keenum on the roster who is pretty much the same caliber player if not a little better than Flacco. Now i’ll Say this sometimes a chance of scenery can help some players revive their careers but I wouldn’t count on that with Flacco given how injury prone he as been over the last few years and the fact he 34 years old doesn’t help at all.

Flacco’s Fantasy Prospects

This doesn’t help Flacco’s fantasy status one bit if anything it might have gotten a little worse considering Denver’s Oline isn’t that good and with Sanders being hurt towards the end of the year and not knowing if he will even be on the team for the 2019 season Flacco could have a serious lack of weapons to even help his stay up right. Now he does have a couple young players who could step up and really help him with players like Lindsey, Freeman, Sutton, and Hamilton. But there is still uncertainty with a couple of those names and if Flacco can help them take a leap in the right direction.

Skill Players

Courtland Sutton – I expect Sutton to take the next step next year regardless of QB. I think he has the ability to be an absolute stud and he is a player that no one should be sleeping on come the 2019 fantasy season. Even with Flacco as his QB I expect him to still make an impact.

Phillip Lindsay – I wouldn’t expect Lindsay to be negativity effected by Flacco if anything this might help Lindsay even more. I can see Lindsay being more involved in the passing game now that Flacco is there given how much Flacco loves to target his running backs in the passing game.

Royce Freeman – Like Lindsay I wouldn’t expect Freeman to be negatively effect by Flaccos presence. With Flacco now under center I would expect a more run heavy approach which should increase Freeman’s carries from last year and hopefully he see a more consistent dose of carries.

DaeSean Hamilton – For Hamilton a lot will depend on wether Sanders comes back next year or not, with Sanders hurt Hamilton took over his spot and preformed decently. Now coming into year 2 he could see a spike in production but he is just a late round flier if Sanders is gone next year. If sanders ends up staying he really won’t have to big of a role.