By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: 8/9/2018


  1. Marcus Mariota
  2. Blaine Gabbert
  3. Luke Falk

Marcus Mariota

  • Mariota has had a pretty solid career thus far over his last 3 year but that is not what you expect from a QB you draft that high. Last year Mariota was a potential breakout candidate but struggled most of the year trying to find his footing. But he still managed to have some good games here and there. He suffered a major regression in his TD and had more turnovers than he did his first 2 years but I am here to tell you to not worry about him this year.

  • Mariota might not have had a huge year last year but this coming year has a real chance to make a big leap. He has all the tools to do so physically with his running ability and accuracy. Now coming into this year he should have a fully healthy Corey Davis who should be light years better and help Mariota take the next step. And along with his running ability it makes him an even more deadly fantasy QB. Mariota is a great late round flier if you don’t want to invest a high pick on a QB.


  1. Derrick Henry
  2. Dion Lewis

Derrick Henry

  • Henry his first 2 years in the league was buried behind Murray and was nothing more than just his handcuff. But with his limited opportunities Henry looked explosive and we all know he has the body to handle the abuse the NFL game will throw on him. Now Henry got his moments last year and showed he can be a deadly running back in the offense when Murray was hobbled all year.

  • Coming into this year he touches should be a lot more consistent and you should see him pretty much get all the short yardage and goal line work. The spot where he will most likely lose out on is on passing situations and 3rd down work now that Lewis is going to be sharing the backfield with him. But don’t let Lewis being with the Titans keep you away from drafting Henry. Lewis has had a long list of injuries over his career and who knows if he will be able to stay healthy for all 16 games but if any one of these 2 go down they become extremely valuable.

Dion Lewis

  • Lewis had a huge year last year being able to stay healthy for all 16 games. And it showed with the way he played, he had no problem running up the middle and make plays anyway he can. He showed he has the potential to be a workhorse type back but with his injury history and his frame that won’t happen. But he landed in a good situation where he will split work with Henry and the fact that both backs are completely different helps Lewis still maintain a good fantasy value.

  • For Lewis and Henry both backs are use to sharing the workload so I don’t expect one back to be substantially worse than another. But If I had to choose one I would have to go with Lewis this year I think he ability receiving the ball will give him a lot more opportunities to make a lot more plays in space and be able to end up with more total yardage than Henry will end up with this year. Both players are good picks so when trying to pick between the 2 just go with your gut and who you feel most comfortable with.


  1. Corey Davis
  2. Rishard Matthews
  3. Taywan Taylor
  4. Delanie Walker
  5. Jonnu Smith

Corey Davis

  • Davis enters his 2nd year healthy and I expect him to have a big season considering the Titans didn’t do anything to their receiving group, this to much shows how much faith they have in Davis ability the only thing for him will be to stay healthy. Towards the end of last year you saw some of Davis potential and that should carry over into this season.

  • With the Titans group of WRs there isn’t much competition for targets which could lead to Davis seeing a massive workload and even a chance to start to climb his way to being a top tier fantasy option. He has all the physical tools to do whatever he wants on the field so once he starts to get going to could end up being a force. Plus add to the fact that I believe Mariota will have a major bounce back year only adds to my belief that he will have a hug season.

Rishard Matthews

  • Over Matthews last 2 season he has been a reliable WR for the Titans and should continue to be this year. Matthews has developed a nice connection with his QB which makes him still appealing as a depth fantasy option on your team to fill in bye weeks but he lacks the upside of Davis or Taylor. If you are looking to fill out your roster Matthews is a guy to grab when the injury bug hits your fantasy team. The one concern with Matthews is he is getting up in age and will most likely competing with Taylor for snaps. Taylor looks like a player primed to take the next step lining up with Davis so if you draft Matthews try to temper your expectations.

Taywan Taylor

  • Taylor didn’t get much playing time last year but being a rookie and trying to adjust is always tough during a rookie season. Now entering Taylor’s 2nd year he has a chance to be a starting WR since Matthews has been sidelined during training camp he has been taking advantage of his opportunity. Taylor looks like he is for sure going to end up being the 3rd WR on this team but don’t be shocked if he jumps past Matthews this year and carves out a nice role for himself on this offense.

Delanie Walker

  • Walker has been one of the most consistent fantasy TE over the last few years and this off-season he just received a contract extension with the Titans which is kinda surprising given his age and that last year they drafted Delanie Walker part 2 in Jonnu Smith. But even give all that he should still be a reliable fantasy TE on any team this year.

  • Walker over the last 4 season has had over 800 yards but his TD total is usually lower that what you would like but sometimes when it comes to TD it can be a fluky stat year after year. Walker is a great pickup if you are looking not to invest high capital in your TE position with guys like Gronk, Kelce and Ertz.