By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: 7/25/2018


  1. Jameis Winston
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  3. Ryan Griffin

Jameis Winston

  • Winston is in a bad situation right now dealing with his 4 game suspension and there were even talks about him getting cut from the team, but that isn’t going to happen. Winston last year dealt with injuries and just flat out poor play. His biggest problem over the course of his career has been turnovers he is reckless and just commits way to many of them.

  • Now entering this season he is going to miss the first 4 games and hopefully this makes him mature and become a better player but I have not been a fan of Winston  when he was drafted and still am not a big fan of him either. He has had the weapons last year to make a leap but never put it together with his WR and TEs.

  • This year I wouldn’t expect much from him with his suspension and his unusual methods to motivate his team. I could easily see Ryan Fitzpatrick taking over if he starts off hot these first 4 games because I don’t think Tampa will want to pay him all that money. This year is a make or break year for Winston and he needs to make sure he is ready to play the moment he comes back into the lineup and he needs to make sure he cuts down on the turnovers while being able to make plays. In my opinion I wouldn’t draft him because there are so many better options and he to me he won’t figure it out this year.


  1. Ronald Jones
  2. Peyton Barber
  3. Charles Sims
  4. Jacquizz Rodgers

Ronald Jones

  • Tampa had a chance to draft plenty of running backs last year who turned out to be great along with potentially drafting Cook to play with the team but they passed and trusted the guys they had on the roster. Well this year they made the right decision to draft Jones. Jones this year has the potential to be a special player in Tampa given all the weapons they have to take the pressure off their run game.

  • Jones enters this season as being the running back to most likely get the majority of the snaps but I don’t believe he is a workhorse right out of the gate. I think all year he is going to end up sharing carries with Peyton Barber a much bigger stronger back than he is. Jones brings one thing to the table that Barber doesn’t and that is his ability in the pass game and his explosiveness that Barber just doesn’t have. I think Jones will have a great Rookie season and get 1,000 yards from scrimmage with around 7 TDs. But I see him splitting the workload with Barber all season so it will still limit him a bit but don’t be afraid to draft him just don’t do it as a RB2. Right now he is an RB3/Flex player on a roster unless Tampa hands over the backfield completely to him.

Peyton Barber

  • Barber last year was surprisingly good given how bad Tampa was at running the ball. He showed great power and was pretty solid receiving the ball out of the backfield. This year he will have a chance to continue that if he can prove he has improved this training camp and preseason. Barber is a lot tougher and stronger than Jones is which will give this Tampa running game a good 1-2 punch that they have never had since Warick Dunn and Mike Alstott days.

  • To me this year Barber will enter this year as the short yardage/goal line back. He has a chance for more if Jones doesn’t look as good as advertised but I wouldn’t count on that. Barber right now has a Flex appeal at best but thats about it.


  1. Mike Evans
  2. DeSean Jackson
  3. Chris Godwin
  4. Adam Humphries
  5. O.J. Howard
  6. Cameron Brate

Mike Evans

  •  Mike Evans took a huge dip in production last year but the way Tampa played last year it was impressive that Evans still was able to do what he did. There should be no doubt about Evans and his ability but the question becomes should he be leading your Fantasy WR as the WR1. My answer is a No, as good as Evans he is not a guy you want to rely on this year give that Winston is suspended and that Tampa has so many players to try and feed in this offense. Evans will still have a good year but don’t expect him to have the year he had a year before where he had over 1,300 yards and 12 Tds. I can see him crossing over the 1,000 yard mark this year and being around 7TD mark. Solid number but not WR1 material.

DeSean Jackson

  • Jackson has had a very good fantasy career but entering this year Jackson is nothing more than a flex option you play or a bye week filler. Before the Winston suspension I thought Jackson might even come close to 1,000 yards but after his suspension and so much doubt going around that Tampa might be going sour on him drops Jackson down a lot for me.

  • Jackson has always been a deep threat and should be no different this year on your fantasy team. When you do decide to play him you are hoping for him to break one loose for a big TD and thats all his is at this point. He might not even be the #2 WR mid season given how talented Godwin is. Jackson is a nice depth piece to have on your fantasy team but nothing more.

Chris Godwin

  • Tampa might have a sleeping giant at WR with Godwin waiting in the wings when Jackson leaves and he can be the full time WR2 in Tampa but for right now he should be the third receiver in those sets over Humphries. He is far more talented provides Tampa with a lot more speed and down the field dynamic given his height and his ability to win jump balls.

  • Godwin in redraft leagues is worth a flier in late rounds give he could just beat out Jackson out right. But in Dynasty leagues be sure to have him on your team because if not this year then next year he is going to make a major leap so make sure you have him stashed away on your team.

O.J. Howard & Cameron Brate

  • This position group turned into a horrible one for fantasy the moment Brate got his long term deal. Before the deal it looked like Howard would fully take over the TE spot and be a huge candidate for a breakout season being the starting TE. But now both players are in limbo and will end up stealing each others thunder throughout the fantasy season. If I placed my bet on one of these guys it would be Howard to get the majority of the snaps this year. He is the more talented of the 2 and can do everything Brate can do if not better.

  • Now Brate will still have a role on this offense, Tampa didn’t give him all that money just to sit on the bench and do nothing. Brate over the last 2 years has been one of Winston favorite targets especially in the redzone and that probably won’t change. If you are picking up one of these guys for your team I’d go with Howard over Brate and in your dynasty league I would 100% go with Howard but for right now it looks like an annoying fantasy situation with either one of them given how they probably will be stealing from each other.