By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: 7/24/2018


  1. Jared Goff
  2. Sean Mannion

Jared Goff

  • Goff last year made a huge improvement from year 1 to year 2 in the NFL and he became a legitimate fantasy QB. Now entering year 2 in Sean McVay’s offense he should be even better along with the fact that the offense will have no offensive turnover should make them even more deadly. Goff is definitely a top 10 fantasy QB this year and has the potential in this offense to even become one of the top QBs you choose and given all the fire power they have at every position he could have an even bigger year than he did last year.

  • Now for Goff to crack the top 5 he would need to throw for over 30 TDs which he was very close to doing last year with his 28. And this  year he will have a full off-season with Brandin Cooks rather than getting him right before the season starts they way they got Watkins along with the fact that Kupp & Everett will be better in their 2nd NFL season could make them even more deadly in this offense. Look for Goff to possibly be a fantasy stud this year.


  1. Todd Gurley
  2. Malcom Brown
  3. Justin Davis
  4. John Kelly

Todd Gurley

  • Gurley has firmly established himself as a top fantasy running back pretty much for the rest of his career the way he played last year and what an impact Sean McVay has had on this offense. People were worried about how effective Gurley would be in his first year with this offense and even if the would have a reduced passing game role. But last year silenced all of that and now there is no question Gurley is the main man in this offense and that won’t be changing for a long time.

  • Gurley was able to have over 2,000 yards from scrimmage with 19Tds which is an extremely impressive fantasy season. Now coming into this year I wouldn’t expect anything less from Gurley. The Rams really didn’t do much to their running back depth chart to make waves and Gurley no question is the workhorse in this offense and will only be off the field just to catch a breath after huge gains he creates for this offense. There shouldn’t be any doubt when talking about Gurley in Fantasy, he is a stud and that isn’t going to change.


  1. Brandin Cooks
  2. Robert Woods
  3. Cooper Kupp
  4. Josh Reynolds
  5. Gerald Everett
  6. Tyler Higbee

Brandin Cooks

  • Cooks has been on 3 different teams in the last 3 years but I don’t believe it’s because of any personal problems but more than that Saints and Pats didn’t want to  pay him all that money that he just received from the Rams. Now over the last 3 years Cooks has been a very productive WR crossing over 1,000 yards and getting 7+ TDs a year. Now entering the Rams offense he should be expected to be a much better option than the what Watkins was considering he came in right before the season started.

  • Cooks could add a whole new element to the Rams offense considering his deep speed and his ability to make plays everywhere one the field. Now the Rams didn’t give him all that money and trade away a 1st round pick not to utilize him as much as possible this season. Even though there are a ton of mouths to feed, Cooks is the type of player that can have a solid fantasy day with just one play. Cooks right now in his current situation looks like a WR2 and has the potential to be a WR1 if players go down and have to rely more on Cooks. Cooks is definitely worth drafting on your fantasy team and still capable of having huge games at any given moment.

Robert Woods

  • Robert Woods had a big break out year and still missed 4 games during the season. Now over Woods career he usually has missed a couple game here and there but he is also entering his prime years at WR being only 26 years old. Now he is going to be even more familiar with the Rams offense and potentially be better but I believe Woods will take the biggest hit out of the WRs this year, but I could be very wrong because trying to predict this offense is going to be very wrong.

  • Woods is going to end up being a great depth option for your fantasy team and will still provide you team with big plays any given week. Woods is worth rostering but don’t expect him to be a huge find on your fantasy team.

Cooper Kupp

  • as far as rookie WR go last year Kupp was one of the best ones, he had his mistakes but also got better as the season went on. Entering this year I think Kupp will increase his reception total playing the slot and being a chain mover as Goff’s favorite target. Along with being able to do that last year he was one of the most target WR in the redzone and I don’t expect that to change this year. Kupp is not your tradition slot WR being listed at 6’2” so it makes him a very good redzone target being able to use his size and make plays anywhere on the field. Now like with any of these WRs if any one of these guys go down Kupp turns into a very valuable WR. When Woods went down Kupp put together two 100 yards game. Kupp just like Woods is worth rostering but is more of a depth option on a fantasy team at the moment.

Gerald Everett / Tyler Higbee

  • This Rams offense is probably one of the most diverse in the league which makes it very hard to predict for fantasy because the target distrution will change from week to week. Now with the TEs it looks like Everett is the more talented player but last year he split time with Higbee and they both had their moments during the year. Now Everett is a great hold in dynasty formats and when either one of these players get a chance to take over this spot it could be extremely valuable but until then neither player is startable.