By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: 7/19/2018


  1. Russell Wilson
  2. Austin Davis
  3. Alex McGough

Russell Wilson

  • Wilson is one of the best fantasy QBs you could have on your team. He provides explosive passing plays along with being able to do serious damage in the run game. He is the ideal fantasy QB next to Cam but he is a better version of Cam considering he is more accurate and just a better QB.

  • Now this year Wilson has lost some weapons in Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson but I don’t believe that should effect him that much. Graham never really completely fit in with the Seahawks and Richardson seemed to mainly be a deep threat. Lockett should be able to take over Richardson’s spot with no problem and the seahawks signed Ed Dickson and have 2nd year TE Nick Vannett to fill the hold Graham left. If you are worried about Wilson don’t be he will still put up great fantasy number and should only see things get better considering they have been making the shift to more of a passing team.


  1. Chris Carson
  2. Rashaad Penny
  3. C.J. Prosise
  4. Mike Davis
  5. J.D. McKissic

Chris Carson

  • This backfield is going to come down to Carson and Penny this year and don’t be quick to write off Carson. Carson flat out won the starting job last year in Camp and played pretty well considering Seattle doesn’t have a real offensive line during the beginning of the year. Now this year he should be fully healthy but will have to show he can be the starter all over again.

  • Carson so far to start OTAs has looked every bit as good as he was last year. He looks like he can come back and take over the starting role again but he will have much stiffer competition this year with Penny. This situation is something to pay attention to through training camp and the preseason.

Rashaad Penny

  • Penny coming into the league was able to run for over 2,000 yards and has the speed and build to be a workhorse running back in the NFL. As of right now its anyone’s guess as to wether or not Penny will be the starter come week 1 but as of right now we still have a long way to go before we figure that out. Now the expectations for Penny won’t be that high considering he is walking into a mess of an offensive line so any positive production from any back starting will be considered a plus.

  • Now in most league this backfield situation is different because both backs resemble each other in my opinion. They both have the same size and speed to them along with the power they can deliver on their runs. They don’t have skill sets that really complement each other but are more of the same type of back. But if it comes down to choosing one I would go with Penny considering Seattle spend a 1st round pick on the player and as long as reports from Camp don’t say he is horrible I am expecting Penny to win the starting job this season.


  1. Doug Baldwin
  2. Tyler Lockett
  3. Brandon Marshall
  4. Jaron Brown
  5. Ed Dickson
  6. Nick Vannett

Doug Baldwin

  • Baldwin might be one of the more underrated fantasy WR in the league. He always seems to be able to make a play and has been able to have 7+ TDs the last 3 years which make him pretty valuable along with being able to crack 1,000 yards. He isn’t a WR1 to me and more like a solid WR2 on most fantasy teams. Now I usually have been pretty skeptical about Baldwin and this year is no different.

  • Now Baldwin does all the little things that make him an effective WR but doesn’t really have any elite traits to his game. He is more of a product of Wilson than the other way around. Now with Graham and Richardson gone you would think he will see even more targets this year but I have my eyes on those other targets going to the TEs and Lockett. Don’t get me wrong Baldwin is still a player worth having and he most likely will prove me wrong and keep steady with his numbers but he is just not a player I am that high on.

Tyler Lockett

  • Lockett last year was coming back from a broken leg and was able to slowly get himself back to what he was in seasons past. Now Lockett has pretty much been able to show up for every game in his career but has never really had a breakout year. Last year and the year before some people thought he would have a breakout season but last year Richardson ended up doing that.

  • This is a make or break year for Lockett to show that he can next the next step as a WR. He is the clear cut #2 WR on this offense and will have plenty of opportunities to make plays all over the field especially given the fact the seahawks didn’t end up adding anyone of significance. He is entering his 4th year and he is worth the gamble considering this draft capital will be pretty low. With Wilson throwing to him I believe he is going to end up having the best year of his career.

Ed Dickson & Nick Vannett

  • This TE duo was something I didn’t expect, my expectations for this season when they let Graham go was to let Vannett take over. Vannett is a 6’6” TE with pretty good athleticism entering his 3rd year but the Seahawks must not believe he is ready to handle the starting TE role just yet.

  • With Dickson he has always been a solid TE over his career being a competent pass catcher along with a plus blocker. Now he enters this year as the starting TE for the Seahawks as they hope he can help with their run blocking and still keep defenses honest with his receiving ability. If you are looking for a fantasy TE don’t look here, in Seattle unless you are trying to just steam a TE for that week.