By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: 7/18/2018


  1. Jimmy Garoppolo
  2. C.J. Beathard

Jimmy Garoppolo

  • Talk about a start to a career with a new team. Jimmy G ended the season undeafeated and has now given the 49ers new life to the franchise. Now Jimmy G might very well be the QB that can help the 49ers make another leap this season and improve their record but we are here to talk about fantasy with Jimmy G.

  • Jimmy G had a pretty solid showing as a fantasy QB last year with not th most ideal weapons at his disposal, but he definitely has some pretty solid players to get the ball to. But I wouldn’t expect to see him light up the fantasy world this year given that he doesn’t really have an elite playmakers to help take him over the top but he definitely has a chance to crack the top 10 this year. Now last year he was able to put up the yards that were nessecary to be an elite fantasy QB but his TD never went over 2 and you need an elite fantasy QB to be able to 3 or more almost every other week. Jimmy might be a fringe top 10 QB this year but he has the upside to do a lot of damage.


  1. Jerick McKinnon
  2. Matt Breida
  3. Joe Williams
  4. Jeremy McNichols

Jerick McKinnon

  • McKinnon is getting another shot at being a full time starter in the league and it looks like he couldn’t have landed in a better spot with Jimmy G and Kyle Shanahan as the head coach. McKinnon showed last year he is a very good pass catching with a pretty solid ability to make plays in the running game but my biggest problem with him over his career has been his size and if he can handle the workload of a legit starting running back.

  • Now last year he was almost able to put together 1,000 total yards receiving and rushing and he now gives the 49ers a new element to their passing game that Hyde and Breida just can’t provide the same way McKinnon can and that is where his biggest value is going to come this year.

  • Now when drafting or trying to obtain McKinnon its going to be hard to value him because i can easily see him catch over 70 passes this year but its his rushing that has me concerned. Is he just another passing catching back? Or can he regularly handle 20+ touches a game. My opinion is that it will be something in between where one of the other 3 backs I will talk about will help split the rushing work load.

Matt Breida

  • Breida had a pretty solid rookie year last year and helps give the 49ers some much need depth coming into this year. But like McKinnon, Breida is undersized and is soemone who might not be able tot handle anything more than a split backfield. Breida is going to get the first crack at being the back that splits time with McKinnon

  • Now I don’t expect Breida to get massively bigger overnight he will most likely fit the same mold as McKinnon. He provides good versitlity being able to run and catch the ball without any problem and should walk into this year much more prepared and ready to help the run game.

Jeremy McNichols & Joe Williams

  • Jeremy is a player that I find every interesting, coming out of college at Boise State he as an absolute beast but once he got to the pros seems to struggle a ton first being cut by the bucs who drafted him and then spending most of last year on the taxi squad for the 49ers. McNichols is a guy who has the size and ability to handle a full workload as he did in college and I believe he is going to end up making some noise this training camp and preseason. He is a deep sleeper but make sure you keep tabs on him in your dynasty league.

  • As for Joe Williams I never really liked him as a player, he has all the tools to be a extremely good back but in College he pretty much gave up on his team before they let him back and this year seemed to never get it together with the 49ers even after Kyle Shannahan pushed to draft him. He is probably one of the most disappointing players last year because he never even saw the field. But this year he will get a chance to redeem himself and try to change the preception that I have of him. Right now with this running back group everything is up for grabs which is great but also might be annoying to evaluate as we close in on the NFL season.


  1. Pierre Garçon
  2. Marquise Goodwin
  3. Trent Taylor
  4. Dante Pettis
  5. Kendrick Bourne
  6. George Kittle

Pierre Garçon

  • Garçon wasn’t able to finish the year last year but showed he can still ball and be an effective WR. Garçon might not have the speed he once had but he is a very reliable WR with good hands and can pretty much run any route. With him finally getting a chance to work with Jimmy G you can probably see Garçon continue to be a valuable PPR WR. He will end up being a solid depth option on your fantasy team that you will always be able to rely on so don’t shy away drafting him if you see the opportunity.

Marquise Goodwin

  • Goodwin ended up having a breakout year last year after the Bills never gave him a real shot at being a full time WR. Goodwin may be a little undersized but plays tough and much bigger than he really is. He started off the year slow but towards the middle of the year he started to get going and with Garçon going down Goodwin took advantage of his role as the #1 WR on the team and showed he can handle it.

  • Entering this season I think Goodwin will outproduce Garçon. Goodwin started to develop a nice chemistry with Jimmy G and you saw them make plenty of plays with one another. Goodwin is also entering his Prime years as a WR and is only going to end up getting better with consistent QB play. Last year Goodwin was never able to burn people with his speed like he has in the past but expect Goodwin to outperform his breakout year last year. I am expecting Goodwin to have over 1,000 yards and 5 TDs this year and I don’t think he will disappoint.

Trent Taylor

  • Taylor last year ended with a pretty solid year and provides the 49ers with another good weapon on offense. He is the perfect slot WR and you will continue to see him in that role this year but with more opportunities. Taylor is shifty and can make people miss to pick up yards after the catch, and with Jimmy G’s quick release he is in a perfect position to have a breakout season this year. Goodwin and Taylor are my 2 favorite WRs to end up having pretty productive seasons on fantasy teams.

George Kittle

  • Kittle is a TE everyone will be talking about once training camp starts he ended up missing only one game last season and was still able to have a productive season for a first year TE. Kittle like Taylor will be ready to go because of how their first year played out and coming into year 2 will be much more prepared. Also having Jimmy G as the QB will also help them see a level of consistency that they didn’t receive last year. Make sure you keep an eye on Kittle because he might be primed to make a name for himself in fantasy this year.