Published: 7/11/2018

By: Fantasy Football Dude


  1. Carson Wentz
  2. Nick Foles
  3. Nate Sudfeld

Carson Wentz

  • Wentz is coming back from an ACL injury and the one concern I had earlier in the off-season was how long it would take for him to recover and be back ready for week 1. But with all the reports and videos coming out showing Wentz throwing and moving around in drills makes it look like he will be more than ready for week 1.
  • Now Wentz last year was well on his way to an amazing year and I wouldn’t expect much to change this year. If anything this year he could have an even better year now that he is even more familiar with the offense and that they added Mike Wallace and Jay Ajayi is a big upgrade over Blount. Wentz if ready for Week 1 will be a top QB to consider on your fantasy team.

Nick Foles

  • Now Foles did an amazing job last year filling in for Wentz and had some spectacular games along with winning the Super Bowl. If you decide to draft Wentz it might be a good idea to have Foles as an insurance policy. So if news comes out that Wentz won’t be ready for the start of the season then Foles will be able to help your fantasy team stay a float.


  1. Jay Ajayi
  2. Corey Clement
  3. Darren Sproles
  4. Donnel Pumphrey
  5. Wendell Smallwood

Jay Ajayi

  • This year Jay Ajayi is back to being the #1 running back after a up and down year last year which saw him get traded mid-season. Now Ajayi is a player who could make or break your fantasy team because he is not a top pick and he won’t fall down drafts or auctions far enough to be just a depth guy. But this year I am a big believer in Ajayi potential with this Eagles offense and expect him to do some big things.
  • Ajayi has the power and push that the Eagles lost with Blount leaving and Ajayi is much faster and quicker than Blount has ever been. Ajayi ability in the receiving game isn’t bad either and has the ability to damage on any down. I expect Ajayi to have a much more consistent year along with maybe being in the top 7 of fantasy running backs

Corey Clement

  • Clement is a handcuff to own, last year he showed he belonged in the NFL and consistently made plays when called upon. Now if anything were to happen to Ajayi then Clement is going to end up being a stud. He has the body and ability to be a 3 down back in the NFL and he showed glimpses of it last year. But with Ajayi there he is right now a change of pace/receiving back. But all Ajayi owners should have Clement to protect themselves in my opinion.


  1. Alshon Jeffery
  2. Mike Wallace
  3. Nelson Agholor
  4. Mack Hollins
  5. Zack Ertz
  6. Dallas Goedert

Alshon Jeffery

  • Jeffery ended up having a pretty solid fantasy year with his 9 TDs but his yardage wasn’t impressive at all. Now entering his second season with the Eagles I wouldn’t expect Jeffery to all of a sudden take a big leap if anything I expect his number to essentially stay the same. With Mike Wallace now with the Eagles I expect him to have a solid role on the team and the improvement of Agholor I can’t see Jeffery really improving on his numbers.
  • Jeffery biggest value to this team is in the redzone and his height which they don’t have with the other 2 WRs I mentioned earlier. The last time we saw Jeffery crack 1,000 yards it was back in 2014 so don’t expect some major year from him. Jeffery is a solid fantasy option but nothing more than a role player on your fantasy team.

Mike Wallace

  • Wallace had a bit of a revival with the Ravens the last couple years and now that he is with the Eagles he is going to have exceptional QB play for the first time since he was in Pitt. Wallace is also a huge upgrade over Torry Smith which you will see this year with Wallace. Don’t sleep on Wallace this year because I would prefer to have Wallace or Agholor over Jeffery this year as to me they have the bigger potential and the best value. Just be prepared to see a lot of big plays from Mike Wallace this year.

Nelson Agholor

  • Agholor is a player I am very excited about seeing this year. A lot of people feel like he hit his ceiling last year with his 8TDs and over 700 yards but I believe this is just the beginning for him. Last year he finally was able to figure it all out and get a coaching staff to put him in position to make plays which he did all year and even in the super bowl.
  • Last year he broke out and this year I expect another leap from him. He has the tools to be a really productive WR and he has the great QB to help him take the next step. This year I expect him to crack the 1,000 yard mark and have 6TDs this year.

Zack Ertz

  • Ertz has established himself as one of the better fantasy TE in the game now and arguably is a top 3 fantasy TE heading into this year. He plays on a great offense and with a great QB which is always something you look for when drafting players. Over the last few years Ertz has also been pretty consistent getting over 700 yards 70 catches the only thing you wish he would do is get more TDs but since there are only so many good fantasy TEs out there those number he puts up gives you pretty good consistency every week which is what you want from your TE

Mack Hollins / Dallas Goedert

  • Before the Wallace signing I thought that Hollins was going to have a huge year but right now it looks like that will be put on hold. Hollins is a great dynasty stash right now and could end up being a real fantasy threat in the future but for right now he is the 4 WR on the team and will only be used in spot duty. Unless an injury occurs he doesn’t have much value outside of dynasty leagues.
  • Goedert kinda falls into the same situation as Hollins, he is an uber talented player who is playing behind a guy who is very good an established with the team. Goedert is another player who you will just be trying to stash away in hope that one day he will get a chance to be a full-time starter but right now he is just a dynasty stash that you hope will hit in future years.