Published: 7/3/2018

By: Fantasy Football Dude


  1. Derek Carr
  2. E.J. Manuel
  3. Conner Cook

Derek Carr

  • Carr had a rough year last year playing through injuries and trying to keep the Raiders from completely falling off like they did but it became to much to overcome and Carr ended up having an up and down season.

  • Now last year he still managed to throw for almost 3,500 yards and 22 TD and given he was able to do all that with all the adversity and injuries the Raiders had last year it shows he is a pretty good QB to have. Now this entire Raiders offense is a bounce back candidate and I believe you will still the Raiders from a year before and not the Raiders we saw last year.

  • Carr has some new weapons to throw to like Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant which should help improve the passing game even more along with Cooper being 100% healthy should help them get back to one of the better offenses this year. Carr has the potential to be a top 5 fantasy QB and I can almost guarantee he will fall in the Top 10 this year so don’t be afraid to draft Carr and watch him sling the ball.


  • Marshawn Lynch
  • Doug Martin
  • Jalen Richard
  • DeAndre Washington

Marshawn Lynch

  • Lynch last year struggled to gain any traction in the first half of last year looking sluggish and not like the same Lynch of the past but during the 2nd half of the year we saw a huge improvement from him and he started to look like the player everyone wanted before the season.

  • Entering this year Lynch should still be the featured running back in this offense and doesn’t really face much competition from anyone else to steal his job. The only concern I have with Lynch is he will not be that valuable in PPR league given that Richard is an extremely good pass catcher and should be able to secure that role in the offense. I think Lynch is going to end up having a solid fantasy season and come up with double digit TDs this year.

Jalen Richard

  • Richard is a player I really hope get a chance at more opportunities because whenever he touches the ball good things happen whether that is in the run or pass game. He is true game breaking ability and entering his 3rd season I think Richard is the back that will split time with Lynch and help complement him in this offense.

  • In the last 2 season he has pretty much averaged over 5 YPC and has been able to excel in the passing game whenever asked to do so. The biggest thing for him will be to improve his pass blocking so he can solidify himself and the all time passing down back and be able to spell Lynch when he gets the chance. Richard is no question the more talented back out of Washington and Martin and I fully expect him to have a role on this offense. Richard value is probably geared more towards PPR leagues and Dynasty so keep that in mind when targeting him.

DeAndre Washington / Doug Martin

  • I don’t expect a whole lot from either running back, Washington and Martin are the same type of player in my opinion. They both lack the vision to create plays in the run game and are average at best pass catching backs. They can only get what is blocked in front of them and can’t do much more. Both players should be playing behind Lynch and Richard this season and will only have value if one of those players get hurt.


  1. Amari Cooper
  2. Jordy Nelson
  3. Martavis Bryant
  4. Seth Roberts
  5. Jared Cook

Amari Cooper

  • Cooper ended up having a really bad year last year with all his drops and inconsistencies within the Raiders offense but I wouldn’t completely given up on Cooper this year if I were you. Cooper throughout his career has been know to be an extremely hard worker and it showed his first 2 years in the league going over 1,000 yards in both his seasons. Now last year he struggled with injuries and the Raiders as a whole just being bad all around.

  • Entering this year I fully expect Cooper to have a big bounce back year and establish himself as one of the better fantasy WRs. In most league I would expect him to be under drafted because a lot of people seem to have given up on him but that would be unwise as he is still only 23-24 years old and is only scratching the surface of how good he can be. Cooper in any league will end up being a steal in your fantasy league because of how fast he has fallen.

Jordy Nelson

  • Jordy last year had 2 different fantasy seasons one without Rodgers and another without him. The half with Rodgers he looked like normal Jordy putting up fantasy points left and right but once Rodgers got hurt it was like Jordy wasn’t even on the field. Now Jordy is 34 years old and is for sure on the back end of his career but he should still be a good possession WR for the Raiders this season but I wouldn’t expect him to be anything more than a WR3 for fantasy leagues and will mainly be a matchup play.

Martavis Bryant

  • Now Martavis Bryant is an interesting playing to keep an eye on. Last year he finally made his way back from a year long suspension but wasn’t as good as we had hoped he would be. Now this year he enters the Raiders offense as probably the 3 WR on the depth chart. Now with Jordy being older and possibly not as effective as he use to be this could leave the door open for Bryant to have a much bigger role than he had in Pitt last year.

  • Bryant has the potential to be a special fantasy player but this year we are most likely going to take a wait and see approach with him and see how is role plays out in this offense. He is definitely worth a later round pick if you can afford to stash him and in most dynasty league his value is on the downside so don’t go out and over trade just to grab him because there are plenty of better options right now.

Jared Cook

  • Cook has had a very disappointing career, he has the ability to be one of the better receiving TE in the league but underachieves every year. Before the Raiders he was with Rodgers in GB and wasn’t able to produce anything. But last year with the Raiders ended up being a much better year for him and he still showed he can play at a high level. Now I wouldn’t get too excited about Cook he is merely just a late round flier/streaming TE option. He will have his moments in games but he will also cost you games by doing nothing so don’t get hooked on him.