By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: 6/19/2018

  1. Keelan Cole, Jaguars
  2. Chad Williams, Cardinals
  3. Kevin White, Bears
  4. John Ross, Bengals
  5. Carlos Henderson, Broncos
  6. Keke Coutee, Texans
  7. Chester Rodgers, Colts
  8. Albert Wilson, Dolphins
  9. Tyler Lockett, Seahawks
  10. Trent Taylor, 49ers

Keelan Cole

  • Keelan Cole is one of my favorite sleepers heading into this year. Last year he entered his rookie season as an undrafted WR and slowly got work as the season went on because of injuries and he didn’t disappoint with his chances and took full advantage of them. Now this year the Jags added a lot of receiving options to their team like Chark, Moncrief and ASJ, but I am not worried one bit about any of those guys.

  • Cole had a great rookie season and is only going to improve in his 2nd season. He is going to be more familiar with the offense and will develop a better connection with his QB this year, Chark as athletic as he is just looks like a situational deep threat to me and Moncrief has never been able to put it together and have no faith in him anymore, and with ASJ I see him as more of a redzone target than a huge yardage eating TE. Cole is going to be the guy who emerges from this group and becomes the WR1 again in Jacksonville.

Chad Williams

  • Williams last year barley saw the field and didn’t get much of a chance to showcase his ability. But he has the physical tools to be a really good NFL WR. Last year Fitz talked about his hands being almost as strong as Boldin’s back in the day which is a pretty high complement and add to the fact that he has blazing speed he just needs to get himself onto the field and this year he will get his chance.

  • Now I get it they drafted Kirk this year, but Kirk is a slot WR and so is Fitz which leaves the outside WR spot wide open for grabs which is perfect for Williams. He stands at 6’1″ and has the speed to beat people deep on any given play. Williams could easily see himself as the #3 WR option behind Fitz & DJ. But with Williams make sure you keep a close eye on him during camp because he is going to have to show he can be relied upon to be a starter for the Cardinals.

Keke Coutee

  • Coutee couldn’t have landed in a more perfect situation. In college he was a dominate slot WR and he has the speed to beat people deep and make plays with the ball in his hands. Landing in Houston he can slide right away into the Slot WR position for this team which looks like it could end up being a high powered offence with Watson back.

  • Coutee will be playing behind Fuller and Hopkins ideally this season while primary working the slot, but he could end up having a chance at more playing time if Fuller can’t stay healthy again which he hasn’t been able to do for the first 2 years of his career. Now Coutee doesn’t have the fame you want from an NFL player but he should be fine and he could be a really big part of this Houston offense.

Chester Rodgers

  • Luck has finally started throwing!!! So now we can finally talk about the potential of someone other than TY Hilton. Rodgers has a chance to establish himself as the #2 WR with the Colts which could be very valuable with Luck back and throwing. Luck is usually good for over 4,000 yards and 25TDs which means there can be more than just TY on the offense for fantasy and my guy here is Rodgers.

  • Rodgers hasn’t gotten much playing time over the last couple of years and last year was a disaster for all the Colts offensive players. Entering this year Rodgers is already the #2 and from everything that has been reported he looks like he could be in for a big year. He has the clearest path to a huge opportunity out of any of the sleepers on this list and is worth taking a chance on this season.

Trent Taylor

  • With Jimmy G in town the 49ers offense looks legit and could provide a lot of fantasy relevant players this year. The guy I am most interested in seeing is Taylor. Last year Taylor had a solid rookie season and showed he can play in the NFL. He has the hands and quickness to be the perfect slot WR for Jimmy G and with the quick release that Jimmy G has expect to see Taylor with a lot of passes his way.

  • In College Taylor was an absolute stud and I expect this season for Taylor to be his coming out party. I know that he had off-season back surgery but it doesn’t seem to be serious as everyone expects him back for training camp which is the most important off-season activity. Keep an eye out for Taylor in your PPR leagues because my gut is telling me he will make some noise this season.