By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: 6/14/2018


  1. Eli Manning
  2. David Webb
  3. Kyle Lauletta

Eli Manning

  • Last year was a pretty rough year for Eli Manning and the Giants as they completely fell apart. Now before last year Manning was a pretty solid fantasy option the few years before that throwing for over 4,000 yards and having more than 25+TDs in those seasons. But last year he took a huge step back but not because of his physical tools but because the Giants were hit hard with injuries.

  • Coming into this year the Giants had done what they can to improve the O-Line and bring some help for Eli in the form of a run game with Barkely and the offensive line additions to the team. I wouldn’t be surprise to see Eli get over 4,000 yards and his 25+ TDs this year. He will get OBJ back and healthy, Shepard I believe is going to have a big breakout year, and with the addition of Barkely being a 3 down back to help Eli it should only make his life easier. To me Eli is a perfect QB to grab if you don’t like to draft QBs early in your drafts and his is a not a bad QB to get on the cheap for your fantasy team.


  1. Saquon Barkley
  2. Johnathan Stewart
  3. Wayne Gallman

Saquon Barkley

  • Now entering the Draft Barkely might have been the best player out of everyone in this class. He posted Insane numbers at the combine and also had a very good college career receiving and rushing the ball at Penn State. He has the build and ability to be a 3 down back in the NFL from day one and look for him to do just that with the Giants.

  • Barkley is no question the featured back with the Giants and it doesn’t look like anyone else will have a role besides just being a chance of pace or just to give Barkely a breather. I fully expect Barkely to end up with over 1,500 yards from scrimmage and double digit TDs this year with the Giants. And just because the Giants were horrible last year at being able to block this year is going to be different with their O-line additions and OBJ to also take pressure off the run game and in the NFL it isn’t unheard of for teams to make major improvements in a year.

  • If you have Barkely in any of your dynasty league congratulations on getting a certified stud on your team. And if you are in a redraft league he is worth a 1st round pick and is going to be worth every penny in auction leagues. Barkely has the makings of a stud and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Johnathan Stewart / Wayne Gallman

  • Stewart is on the downsized of his career and with the Giants he is nothing more than a mentor and will get limited touches in short yardage situations and to help Barkely take a breather now and then. Don’t rely on Stewart one bit this year as his fantasy career is over.

  • With Gallman he is a little bit more interesting considering he played pretty well when he had the chance but was never given more work as the season went on since Darkwa was also playing at a very good level. Gallman to me is the handcuff to own if you have Barkely. Gallman provides more versatility in the pass game along with being an effective runner. If anything does happen to Barkley I wouldn’t want any of these guys anyway but Gallman would be my choice.


  1. Odell Beckham
  2. Sterling Shepard
  3. Roger Lewis
  4. Cody Latimer
  5. Evan Engram

Odell Beckham

  • OBJ is one of the best WR in the league and you shouldn’t be questioning that one bit. When he is ready to hit the field this season he is going to be a top WR option and have double digit TDs all over again. It will feel like a distant memory that he was even hurt last year. If you have a chance to grab OBJ you are not questioning it one bit.

Sterling Shepard

  • Shepard is one of my favorite breakout players heading into this year and he should be yours to. Shepard’s rookie year he came out and had 8TDs to go along with over 600 yards not bad for a rookie season. But last year he struggled with injuries and wasn’t able to stay on the field for all 16 games like his rookie season. But he was able to improve his yardage totals from his rookie year even though his TDs took a major dip.

  • Now this year OBJ will be back healthy, and with the Giants new addition in Barkely it should open up a lot of things for the 3rd year WR in the passing game and allow him to showcase his big play ability. He can lineup anywhere on the field whether it be in the slot or outside he is a very good WR to make things happen. I am expecting a big year from the 3rd year WR and is a player you need to consider on your fantasy team.

Rodger Lewis / Cody Latimer

  • Now after OBJ & Shepard there isn’t anything special with this WR core which is even more of a reason why I believe Shepard is in for a huge year. But looking at both these WRs they have had their chance to make an impact at the NFL level and have never done so. Don’t expect anything from these guys unless both OBJ & Shepard get hurt this year.

Evan Engram

  • Engram had a fantastic rookie season from a TE. Usually most TE take a few year to really develop their game but Engram was able to utilize his pass catching ability from day one with the Giants. Now I would tread lightly when drafting Engram this season. Last year the entire Giants offense suffered massive injuries everywhere and opened the door for Engram to get the majority of the looks at plenty of points during the season.

  • This season I believe you’ll see a regression from Engram but not because he is a bad player or anything but because OBJ, Shepard, & Barkley will command the ball so much which will leave Engram with whatever is left on this offense and the fact that he is not a traditional TE might hurt his ability to be out on the field all the time. I would stay away from Engram in redraft leagues but in Dynasty leagues he is a fantastic asset right now.