By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: June 11th, 2018


  1. Drew Brees
  2. Tom Savage
  3. Taysom Hill

Drew Brees

  • There isn’t much to say about Brees that everyone doesn’t know about him from an fantasy prospective but last year he suffered a down fantasy year based on his standards. He was still a weekly start for the most part because Brees still managed to throw over 4,000 yards and have 23 TDs with minimal turnovers.

  • The big reason for dip in his numbers to me is more because they switched over to a more run base team with Ingram and the emergence of Kamara which made it hard to focus on the pass game when they were so effective running the ball this season. Along with the fact that the defense finally managed to step this year after years of being one of the worst defenses in the league and having Brees always having to throw for tons of yards to keep them in games.

  • Brees is easily still a top 10 QB in fantasy, he will provided you a consistent 20 points every week on your fantasy team and have a couple games where he just explodes. The question is going to come down to if you think last year his dip in numbers were because he isn’t the same or it was the factors I mentioned above. And I’m going to stick with the factors. Brees is still one of the best in the business and I wouldn’t doubt him one bit.


  1. Alvin Kamara
  2. Mark Ingram
  3. Trey Edmunds
  4. Jonathan Williams

Alvin Kamara

  • Last year Kamara had a remarkable season once AP was traded and opened the door for Kamara to get more touches. Kamara coming out of the draft was viewed as a pass catching type back along with a change up pace type option. But he showed last year that he might be a back that can handle a bigger workload that what everyone expected.

  • Entering this year Kamara has a chance to jump into the elite fantasy running backs especially now that Ingram has been suspended for the first 4 games of the season. Kamara can now establish himself as the top dog in New Orleans before Ingram makes his way back and if he is still playing as great as he did last year I would fully expect him to be the lead RB with Ingram being the one to get fewer touches.

  • Kamara is going to be a running back everyone is going to overvalue given that Ingram is out the first 4 weeks and that the Saints don’t really have any proved runners behind Kamara. But it will be interesting to see if Kamara can have the same type of success this year as he did last year in the receiving game. Not many running backs can get above 800 yards in a season so I am excited to see if he can improve on his rushing and receiving numbers. My gut tells me he won’t be able to but he should still be a really good fantasy option.

Mark Ingram

  • Mark Ingram the last couple year has improving every year and last year he ended up having his best season yet, unfortunately this season he has been suspended for the first 4 games of the season, and that could end up hurting his production for the rest of the season.

  • With Kamara getting a chance to be the workhorse for the Saints he has a legitimate shot at taking over that role all season and leavening Ingram to fight for touches. Ingram should still be a solid fantasy option and you might have a great chance at getting him for a discount but it will be interesting to see how his usage unfolds when he returns to the team.

  • Now Ingram is entering the final year of his contract which makes this even more interesting, when he does come back he will have something to prove especially since he will be looking for a new deal. Ingram right now is in his prime and might have a few more years at best playing the position the one thing he has going for him is that he doesn’t have the normal wear and tear like most big time runners who has been doing this from their rookie years. So he should still be an effective runner this year and he most likely will still have his short yardage/goal line role in tact when he comes back. Ingram is only worth drafting if you can get him cheep and feel comfortable with your current stable of RBs.

Trey Edmunds/Johnathan Williams

  • Now both these players are pretty unproven and will enter this season competing for the 3rd running back spot since Ingram is suspended they might develop some role in the offense to take the stress off Kamara. It’s worth keeping an eye on during training camp and the preseason just to see who turns out to be the guy Incase you are looking for a handcuff for Kamara just for the first 4 weeks.


  1. Michael Thomas
  2. Cameron Meredith
  3. Ted Ginn
  4. Tre’Quan Smith
  5. Ben Watson

Michael Thomas

  • Thomas his first 2 years in the league has been one of the best WRs and that shouldn’t change this year. Last year he quietly had 104 catches, 1,245 yards and 5TDs. Thomas can line up anywhere on the field and is dangerous on any down along with the fact he has some of the most reliable hands in the game.

  • Now getting Thomas on your team gives you a reliable WR1. This year he will still be the Saints best WR and should be able to replicate his numbers from last year along with an increase in TD in my opinion. Thomas is quietly one of the better WR in the league and in fantasy football and it is always nice to have that reliable option on your team that you can count on and that is what he is every single week on your fantasy team.

Cameron Meredith

  • Now Meredith is the most interesting player the saint picked up this off-season. Meredith was set to be the Bears top WR this season but ended up suffering a pretty bad injury during the pre-season which forced him to miss all of last year. But the year before Meredith showed how good he can be while he was leading the Bears in receiving and looking like a legitimate 1,000 yard type WR.

  • Now he enters this year with the best QB he will pretty much play for in Brees and has a chance to become the #2 option in this offense which could be extremely valuable since the Saints have had no problem producing plenty of fantasy worth options on their team. Now it all depends on how he comes back from injury of course but Meredith could be a sneaky pickup this season just be sure to keep an eye out for how he is recovering from his injury and you might have yourself a great option from the Saints WR core to help your team out.

Ted Ginn

  • The last few years Ginn has been able to revive his career and be a solid WR on the Saints, he still has that deep speed which allows him to get great separation from DBs and seems to always have a big play here and there. But lets be clear about Ted Ginn he is not going to be a reliable fantasy option and is best suited to help you out during bye weeks or if you are suffering injuries to your WRs. Ginn is always worth a start against a team that struggles to defend that deep pass but try not to rely on Ginn to do anything more.

Tre’Quan Smith

  • Smith was an interesting draft choice in the 3rd round given that the Saints seem to have some pretty solid WRs behind Thomas and Ginn but they went out and got Smith who could be a really great addition to this team and at least get himself out there on 4 WR sets.

  • Over his 3 years in College he always improved and got better at WR while seeing his number increase every season. This is what you always want to be able to see from a player when getting drafted. Now he enters the perfect situation because he will get a chance to play with Brees and learn from Ginn and Thomas this year will be almost a learning year for him while he improves on playing the position.

  • Smith is only a dynasty stash and as long as you are not looking for WR he is worth placing on your taxi squad and seeing if you can gain the benefits from him next season.

Ben Watson

  • The last 2 season Watson has been playing with the Ravens and still looks pretty solid for a 37 year old TE. Now the last time he was with the Saints he had a career year catching 74 passes, 825 yards, and catching 6 TDs. Now he is back with Brees but I wouldn’t expect the same type of production from him this year. Like I said he is a whole lot old then he was then and between that time he suffered an ACL injury which is never a good thing for someone at his age but he played last year and was able to end up with 61 catches.

  • The Saints brought him back because they haven’t found a solution to their TE problem ever since signing Fleener to that long term deal disaster. Now this year the Saints get back Watson who is still a capable pass catcher along with being a good blocker which helps the Saints keep out the same player rather than having to rotate the TE in and out for certain plays.

  • If you are a believer and thing Watson can reproduce his best year ever again with the Saints he is worth putting on your team but I wouldn’t have my expectations that high and he most likely will just be a TE you steam during the season.