By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: June 9th, 2018


  1. Tom Brady
  2. Brian Hoyer
  3. Danny Etling

Tom Brady

  • There isn’t going to be much to say about Brady when it comes to fantasy, He is going to end up being a top fantasy QB to target like always and will give you consistent production every week. All the news that has been surrounding the Pats is pretty much all white noise, Brady is the greatest to ever play the position and all this chatter will have no effect on him.

  • Now what might finally catch up to him is his lack of talent he has at receiver but that seems to never stop Brady anyway. The question to ask is there someone besides Gronk & Edelman who can step but and be a consistent contributor this season to help Brady keep up his numbers if not improve on them this year.  But you should expect Brady to be around 4,000 yards and around 30TDs I wouldn’t expect anything to change for Brady.


  1. Sony Michel
  2. Rex Burkhead
  3. James White
  4. Jeremy Hill
  5. Mike Gillislee

Sony Michel

  • The one thing I thought the Pats would never do is Draft a running back in the 1st round and all of a sudden they decided to do it. Now I fully believe they would not have drafted Michel if they didn’t think he would be the guy to take over the Dion Lewis role in this offense. And as we saw last year this offense can produce 2 fantasy productive running backs which is a plus.

  • Now in College he had no problem showing how explosive he can be while splitting time with Chubb. He didn’t do much pass catching but he was able to make plays in the run game any time he touched the ball. Now he comes in with the Pat and fits in perfectly with them. Now looking at Dion Lewis role last year he did a lot more rushing than everyone expected and wasn’t utilized in the pass game as I thought he could be at least until Burkhead got hurt and Lewis took on an even bigger role. I fully expect to see Michel to get at least 15 carries but expect his passing game role to be limited with Burkhead and White still there.

Rex Burkhead

  • Burkhead just signed a new 3 year deal with the Pats so you know he isn’t really going anywhere any time soon. Burkhead was able to carve out a really nice role for himself last year as he ended the seaosn with 8TDs even though his yardage wasn’t what you would hope for.

  • Coming into this season Burkhead still offers a lot of fantasy appeal regardless of the Pats drafting Michel. Burkhead showed last year he could do it all. He was a great pass catching option out of the backfield, he handled the goal line duties extremely well and was good running between the tackles. Burkhead is worth adding on your fantasy team because if Michel has any problem adjusting to the Pats Burkhead is the primary beneficiary of that and will end up being a fantasy stud to have. I might be higher on Burkhead than others, but what he did last year and being hurt here and there and not playing a full season he could have easily seen double digit TDs. Entering this year if he is able to stay healthy all 16 games I can easily see him crossing the 10TD threshold this year.

James White / Jeremy Hill / Mike Gillislee

  • James White might never be a consistent fantasy player unless he leaves the Pats, and that might not happen any time soon since he signed a new deal last year. White only has some value if Michel or Burkhead goes down. He usually hovers around 50-60 catches a season but doesn’t do that much with them and he has no rushing value. White is a player you play out of desperation if you are destroyed at RB and even then he might not give you much. I’ve always like white and thought he deserves more opportunities but it doesn’t seem like they will ever give him a bigger role.

  • Hill and Gillslee essentially are just fighting for a roster spot imo. Both players were big disappointments last year and this year I only expect one of these to make the team and just be depth options if anyone were to get hurt. Both players provide nothing in the passing game and are just bangers between the tackles. Don’t expect anything from these guys this fantasy season.


  1. Julian Edelman
  2. Chris Hogan
  3. Malcolm Mitchell
  4. Kenny Britt
  5. Jordan Matthews
  6. Phillip Dorsett
  7. Cordarrelle Patterson
  8. Rob Gronkowski

Julian Edelman

  • Edelman has been suspended by the league for the first 4 games of the season which is a big boost for everyone else in this WR group. Edelman was coming into this year as the no question top WR in the offense and was going to reclaim is PPR role with the team. But now I would be so sure if he will do the same this year with all the interesting players they have at WR.

  • Now if no one is able to step up during this 4 game stretch then Edelman will most likely step right back in and keep doing what he does best for the pats and that is being a dominate slot WR.

Chris Hogan

  • Last year Hogan was on pace to have a career year with the Pats and even be a Top fantasy option at WR but then he suffered a shoulder injury and was never the same again.

  • Hogan brings a lot to the Pats offense, he has the height and deep speed to make plays anywhere on the field and showed last year he can be an effective redzone target for Tom Brady. Now with Cooks out of the picture Hogan will get a second chance to hopefully pickup where he left off before his shoulder injury and with Edelman suspended for the first 4 games Hogan has a chance to be a real fantasy factor all season.

Malcolm Mitchell

  • Mitchell had a promising rookie season along with being a critical piece to the Pats epic superbowl comeback, and that ended up being the last time we would see Mitchell. Mitchell spent all last season injured and he has had knee injuries in the past which doesn’t look good for him and as of right now there are no signs to him on when he could be back healthy and ready to go.

  • If Mitchell is healthy and good to go he can potentially be a vital asset to the Pats offense. Every time Mitchell name was called during his rookie year he was able to step up and make the critical catch to move the chains. He is someone you should keep and eye on but his upside is not really there with the Pats given his injury history and all the new WR the Pats have added to this team.

Cordarrelle Patterson

  • Patterson is my sleeper in this WR group, he is crazy athletic has the look of a #1 WR with his height, size and speed. But so far during is 5 year career he has never materialized into that type of player unfortunately and has just been a role player in Minnesota & Oakland.

  • Patterson is walking into an amazing situation given the suspension of Edelman and Mitchell inability to stay healthy and have his lingering knee issues. If Patterson performs well he has a chance to take his game to the next level with Brady. Over his entire career he has never had a QB like Brady who seems to be able to elevate the players around him.

  • Just imagine Patterson finally realizing all that potential and taking advantage of his situation with the Pats. Now he is also a versatile weapon which I’m sure the Pats are very interested in given he has experience taking carries. But I think Patterson could be in for his best season as a WR this year. Keep an eye out on this situation.

Kenny Britt / Jordan Matthews / Phillip Dorsett

  • All 3 of these guys have a chance to make some sort of impact but I wouldn’t count of them. Matthews is a big slot WR with a big injury history and is also being paid nothing so he could end up being a cut candidate no matter how well he plays. Dorsett has been a big disappointment as a former 1st round pick and offers no versatility in his game as his only skill is going deep. Britt last year just looked like he didn’t care and I don’t think this year will be any different for him all 3 of these guys are fighting for their jobs and wouldn’t be surprised if 2 of them get cut before the season.

Rob Gronkowski

  • Like Tom Brady, Gronk is the best fantasy TE in the game. If he plays 16 games he is pretty much guaranteed double digit TDs and over 1,000 yards he is a huge advantage to have at TE given that he puts up WR type numbers on your team. If you decided to draft him just make sure you have a capable backup TE because Gronk has been know to get hurt here and there so be prepared for it.