By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: June 8th, 2018


  1. Kirk Cousins
  2. Trevor Siemian
  3. Kyle Sloter

Kirk Cousins

  • Cousins might be one of the most underrated fantasy QBs over the last few seasons. He seems to always manage to throw for over 4,000 yards and have 25+TDs regularly. During his time in Washington he showed he was a more than capable of taking advantage of the offensive weapons they provided him and with the Vikings it should be no different, if anything he is walking into a better situation than he would if he stayed in Washington.
  • Coming to the Vikings he is going to get one of the best WR duos in Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs and a top notch TE in Kyle Rudolph and lets not forget coming back this season Dalvin Cook. Cousins is going to have his choosing and should put up some big numbers this year with the Vikings. He has the talent and he has the talent around him to be one of the best offenses in the NFL. I expect big things from Cousins this year and you should too. He would be a great dynasty as he is in his prime years right now so take advantage of it if you can.


  1. Dalvin Cook
  2. Latavius Murray
  3. Mack Brown

Dalvin Cook

  • Cook last year looked like an absolute stud and was on his way to a monster fantasy season until he got hurt and missed the entire season due to his knee injury. So far this off-season everything looks like he will be ready to rock n roll for training camp and be ready to start week 1. This is all good news as it seems that his recovery and rehab went well so there should be no concerns going into this year.
  • Now this year Cook is going to set the fantasy world on fire. Cook is the complete back he can run in between or outside the tackles, catch the ball and even block on 3rd downs. He is the definition of a complete back which makes him so exciting. Cook will fit right back in to his workhorse role and put up some crazy fantasy numbers. Make sure when you draft him pop a bottom because you are going to love having him on your fantasy team.

Latavius Murray

  • Last season when cook went down Murray was given a chance to shoulder the load and did a very good job holding down the fort and anyone who had him on their fantasy team was pleasantly surprised with how well he played.
  • Now he is no question the handcuff to cook if anything were to happen to him again and we know Murray can put up fantasy numbers so he will end up being one of the more valuable fantasy handcuffs this year. But don’t expect him to contribute much with Cook healthy and ready to go. He might vulture some TDs here and there but don’t try and rely on him thinking this might be some type of committee because it is not.


  1. Adam Thielen
  2. Stefon Diggs
  3. Kendall Wright
  4. Laquon Treadwell
  5. Kyle Rudolph

Adam Thielen

  • Thielen burst onto the scene in a big way last year catching 91 passes, 1,276 yards and 4TDs. Thielen is one of the most complete WRs in the NFL being able to run any route on the field and to play at any position either from the slot or outside and even receive carries out of the backfield.
  • Coming to this year I fully expect Thielen to improve on his numbers and I know a lot of people will have him as a big regression candidate this year but hear me out first. First Cousins is no question an improvement over Keenum. 2nd Diggs as good as he is always finds a way to get hurt and let it bother him for a few games after he is able to come back. 3rd Thielen is just a reliable target and Cousins will realize this early and often during their time together on the field. Don’t be afraid to draft Thielen he is going to continue to be a top WR.

Stefon Diggs

  • Diggs has been a very good WR during his time with the Vikings he has shown to be slightly injury prone but nothing serious to where he has missed the majority of the season. Last year he only missed 2 games but it seems like whenever he gets hurt it follows him for a few games after that and takes him a while to get completely right.
  • This year Diggs could finally crack 1,000 yards along with Thielen. Diggs has the tools to be able to finally do it if he can stay healthy for all 16 games. He is no question the quickest and maybe the fastest WR the Vikings have and you should be able to acquire Diggs at a reasonable price in most of your drafts, now he is still very young being 24 years old so his best days are still way ahead of him. If you have a chance to get Diggs for the long haul on your dynasty team make sure you do it because the talent is there.

Kendall Wright / Laquon Treadwell

  • Kendall Wright ended up being the leading WR for the sorry Bears offense last year. This year he enters Minnesota with a chance to be the #3 WR on the depth chart and most likely he will end up being that guy. He will primarily be a slot WR and probably take away some of those duties from Thielen but I expect Wright and Treadwell to maybe sub each other out and share the duties of #3 spot.
  • Treadwell is another 1st round WR disappointment he never developed in the player the Vikings hoped for and has been barely see playing time over the last few years. This year he will have a chance to get some more playing time and how I view his playing time is dependent on how they want to line up Thielen. If the want to line up Thielen in the slot they will put Treadwell on the outside over Wright and vise versa with the way Thielen lines up. Now neither of these guys will offer any fantasy value unless you are extremely desperate.

Kyle Rudolph

  • Cousins is going to love Rudolph in the redzone. Rudolph’s biggest value over the years has always been his ability to use his size and dominate in the redzone and now he has a QB who will be able to find him more frequently. Now Rudolph is nothing like Jordan Reed so I don’t expect his usage all over the field to change. But you should expect him to see him keep his TD total from last year consistent along with an increase in yards this year. He is for sure a TE you target later in drafts if you are trying to make sure you are set at other positions .