By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: June 7th, 2018


  1. Ryan Tannehill
  2. Brock Osweiler
  3. David Fales

Ryan Tannehill

  • Now Tannehill is back and fully healthy to start the season, the question is whether or not he can be a viable fantasy starter or at least sustain some fantasy relevant receiving options. Now when Tannehill was starting for the Dolphins he had some success but he never took the next step to make his team better or his fantasy value.

  • Tannehill has always been a serviceable as the QB for the Dolphins and this year should be no exception. He is not a QB you really want to target because of the course of his career he has never shown any upside to his game and is at best a game manager. We would hope that this year something would click from him sitting back and watching for a year but don’t get your hopes up with him.

Brock Osweiler

  • If he ends up being the starter say good bye to the fantasy value of every Miami player, and thats about all that needs to be said.


  1. Kenyan Drake
  2. Frank Gore
  3. Kalen Ballage

Kenyan Drake

  • Drake is one of my favorite fantasy players entering this season he showed last year he is more than capable to handle the workhorse role in Miami and was constantly making plays whenever he touched the ball. Drake has the speed and explosiveness and toughness to become an elite fantasy option this year.

  • Last year Drake saw a limited role when Ajayi was traded he was at first splitting carries with Williams but eventually Williams got hurt and Drake took full advantage of his opportunity consistently making plays in the run and pass game. He was able to average 4.8 YPC along with being a dangerous receiving option in the passing game.

  • Now even though Gore was brought in Drake is no question the running back the Dolphins will lean on this year. I might be extremely high on Drake but just watch how he played last year and you will see why I am so high on him. Drake has the potential to be an elite fantasy option at running back this year and I will be doing whatever I can to make sure I own him in all my leagues.

Frank Gore

  • Gore is honestly a timeless wonder he hasn’t missed a game since 2010 and has been a pretty effective running back every year he has been in the league. Now in Miami he will finally be taking a break from a starting role at running back and will be a more change of pace / 3rd down running back behind Drake.

  • Gore isn’t a back i would target in drafts unless you own Drake, even though Gore will have some role in some capacity with the Dolphins it will be to unpredictable until you get to see his usage in action during the season. But he is a player not worth drafting as his upside is really not that interesting.

Kalen Ballage

  • Ballage is one of the most interesting running back prospects I have seen in a while. He has all the physical attributes of a starting NFL running back. He has the size, speed, and athleticism to be able to succeed at the NFL level. Now he walks into Miami not having to worry about being the main back or even coming in and having a defined role right away with the Dolphins.

  • Now his biggest attribute is his pass catching ability. In college he was never a dominate runner which isn’t a good sign and he was also never a featured back. But the one thing he did really well was catch the ball. Even during the combine there was talk about him working and maybe changing positions to WR. Now he will be sitting behind one of the best runners in NFL history in Gore so he can learn how to improve his running ability. Right now Ballage is a dynasty stash if you are willing to sit on him and wait and see how his role transpires.


  1. DeVante Parker
  2. Kenny Stills
  3. Albert Wilson
  4. Danny Amendola
  5. Mike Gesicki

DeVante Parker

  • Parker has been probably one of the biggest disappointments over the last couple of years in fantasy. At least the last 2 years we were expecting him to breakout and become the player everyone has hoped he would be but he still hasn’t shown he can stay healthy and be a consistent fantasy player.

  • My advice on Parker is stay away from him and don’t believe any of the preseason hype that may come out. If you looking for depth at WR for your fantasy team you are better off rolling with Stills or Wilson.

Kenny Stills

  • Now Stills provides a little more interest in fantasy as a later round pick to fill out your roster. Last year Stills ended up getting 847 yards and 6 TDs. Stills is a deep threat and has the potential to breakout a big play here or there for your fantasy team which is always a nice bonus. I would probably expect around the same amount of yards & TDs from stills this year as he had last year.

  • Now the interesting thing about Stills is he is still pretty young being 26 years old enter his 27 year old season. Now over the last 3 years with Miami he has shown steady improvement and might have a chance to take one more step and crack 1,000 yards now that Landry is gone and that opens up a lot of targets for everyone on this offense.

Albert Wilson

  • Now Wilson is an interesting player to keep an eye out for, Wilson has all the traits you look for in a slot WR but along with that he has some deep speed which helps the Dolphins try and utilize him all over the field. With Landry gone, Wilson will jump right into the Slot with the Dolphins but most likely he will not be getting the same target share that Landry did.

  • Wilson is a lot more shifty and quicker than Landry is, he has a chance to step in and maybe even become the #1 WR option if he preforms well enough in training camp and the preseason, he is already off to a good start impressing in OTAs. If things go well he can easily have a big fantasy role for the Dolphins this year. It also helps that I have no faith in Parker becoming what he is suppose to become.

Mike Gesicki

  • Gesicki is another rookie I am very excited to see this year. At the combine he preformed through the roof for a TE and he has everything you look for in a TE you want for your team. He also steps into a perfect situation with Miami most likely being the #1 TE right from the get go.

  • Miami has never had a TE with Gesicki skill set and it would be criminal for them not to utilize him. He has a chance to do what Evan Engram didn’t last year. Gesicki is also not competing with stud type WR for targets either so he has a very good chance to win over the trust of Tannehill and become his go to option in his Rookie season. If you like to take gambles in the draft Gesicki might be worth that gamble.