By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: June 4th, 2018


  1. Pat Mahomes
  2. Chad Henne
  3. Matt McGloin

Pat Mahomes

  • Last year Alex Smith had a career year under center slinging the ball all over the field and elevating his game and then boom he was traded this off-season. Now Andy Reid wouldn’t just trade a player like Smith if he didn’t believe he had a guy who could improve on what Smith did last year. This year though prepared for a breakout season from Mahomes.
  • Mahomes last year was coming into the NFL as the strongest arm QB in the draft and he showed it in college being able to sling the ball from anywhere on the field. Now during his time in college he showed improvement year after year which is a great sign along with being able to complete over 63% of his passes and throw 77TDs over a his final 2 years which is amazing.
  • Coming into his first year as an NFL starter Mahomes has the offensive firepower to put up great numbers in his 2nd season. He is going to be surrounded but playmakers all over the field and has WRs that his arm can’t even overthrow. Mahomes has the potential to be a real steal in all fantasy formates this year give how good his situation looks.


  1. Kareem Hunt
  2. Spencer Ware
  3. Charcandrcik West
  4. Damien Williams
  5. Kerwynn Williams

Kareem Hunt

  • Hunt last year was an absolute force of nature in the beginning and end of last season he slowed down a little bit in the middle but he was able to break through that struggle. Last year looked like he would have been sharing carries with Ware but once Ware went down with a season ending injury it became the Hunt show all season and he didn’t disappoint one bit.
  • Coming into this season Hunt should still see the same workload regardless of Ware being back. Hunt is to good to keep off the field and every other running back in this offense is just here to help Hunt take a breather and make sure he is fresh for 4th quarter play. Don’t doubt one bit that Hunt is the workhorse back no matter how good any other running back on this roster looks this offseason.

Spencer Ware / Charcandrcik West

  • Now both Ware and West have had success at different points in the NFL. Ware will most likely end up being the handcuff to own behind Hunt if anything were to happen. But Ware won’t have any value outside of that, this running back situation has no indication of a committee of any sorts and Ware will most likely be used as just a change of pace runner.
  • With West he should also barely see the field this season as long as nothing happens to hunt. West be attribute is his ability to be a good receiver out of the backfield. So if Hunt were to go down you could see Ware and West split backfield duties with Ware mainly handling the 1st & 2nd down workload and West being the passing down specialist.


  1. Tyreek Hill
  2. Sammy Watkins
  3. Chris Conley
  4. Demarcus Robinson
  5. Travis Kelce

Tyreek Hill

  • Last season Hill made the full time switch to WR and didn’t disappoint. He had 75 catches, 1,183 yards and 7TDs. Pretty impressive for a guy who finally made the switch to full time WR.
  • Hill enters this year with a new QB and his QB might be even better suited to get him the ball more often down the field. Hill has speed that is almost unmatched by any player in the NFL and he showed it last year burning almost anyone who dared not to respect his speed. With Mahomes at QB you will see him take more chances to get the ball to Hill down the field early and often.
  • This year I fully expect Hill to improve on his numbers from last year regardless of Watkins being there or not. To me having Watkins there will help shift some of the coverages off of Hill to help him get open more often and help him make more big plays to hurt your fantasy oppents. He is one of my favorite fantasy WR entering this year.

Sammy Watkins

  • Watkins has had a tough career so far with injuries and last year being traded just before the season and having to learn a new playbook and getting accustom to a new environment. But he did as well as anyone could ask of a player in that situation, now his yards were not there but his TD were.
  • Now getting a full off-season to learn the playbook and develop some chemistry with his QB Watkins should be able to improve on his numbers from last year. Watkins is still a very young WR even though it feels like he has been in the league for a while. When he is healthy he shows amazing ability and that is why the Chiefs took a chance with him and paired him up with Hill. Now he won’t be an elite fantasy option this year with Hill and Kelce being there but he should he a good depth option on your fantasy team and will surprise you from week to week.

Travis Kelce

  • There isn’t much to be said about Kelce that isn’t already know. He is one of the best TE in football, he is able to make plays anywhere on the field and is extremely durable at his position. If Gronk isn’t an option for you on your fantasy team Kelce is for sure #2. He is reliable year end and year out given that he doesn’t miss extended periods of time the way Gronk does. You can almost make a case for Kelce to even be picked over Gronk if you were that concerned with his injury history. Kelce will for sure finish in the Top 3 of fantasy TE and will the force he always is.