By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: June 3rd, 2018


  1. Blake Bortles
  2. Cody Kessler
  3. Tanner Lee

Blake Bortles

  • Bortles ended up having a really good year last year given that everyone was down on him and looked like they were ready to replace him. But he was able to play well down the stretch for fantasy teams and that was without his best WR in ARob. He was able to limit his turnovers and make good smart plays. Now as well as he played he still have typical Bortles games.
  • Now this season he enters the year with pretty much the same WR group of last year but everyone will be more experienced like Dede and Cole and the additions of Moncrif, Chark, and ASJ will help given Bortles more options that will hopefully help improve on his last season. Sometimes people forget that some QBs need time to develop Bortles is still only 26 years old and might still have his best ball ahead of him. He is definitely a QB that everyone will sleep on but I am going to take a risk and believe in Bortles this year.
  • This year I think he will have a chance to improve on all of his numbers from last year and be a really productive fantasy QB for a lot of teams. I think you might see him crack 30TDs this year given the threat of Fournette on the ground will open things up through the air for Bortles and make his life much easier. I know its a bold take but don’t be surprised if you see Bortles name regularly in the top 5 fantasy QB points most weeks.


  1. Leonard Fournette
  2. T.J. Yeldon
  3. Corey Grant

Leonard Fournette

  • Now Fournette look like an absolute stud last year but he still had his fair share of struggles during his rookie season. Entering his second season he is still going to be the focal point of the Jaguars offense and will be a top fantasy RB option on any team. He showed he can be a 3 down workhorse last year but his one struggle is in the passing game as he only caught 30 passes. Hopefully that part of his game improves this year.
  • Now even though Fournette isn’t the best pass catcher you should worry about that part of his game. He still will get all the goal line touches to give you TDs to make up for his lack of receiving skills. But at the end of the day entering this year Fournette is a sure fire RB1 on any fantasy team and didn’t show any signs of concern last year of maybe a slump this year. Fournette will pickup where he left off barreling defenders all over the field.

T.J Yeldon / Corey Grant

  • The backs behind Fournette are more than capable of holding their own. Yeldon showed last year he is still an effective runner and receiver. Right now it looks like Yeldon is handcuff for Fournette but I believe he will have a role in the passing game this year. Yeldon caught 30 passes last year 6 fewer than Fournette and he played in less games. For me this has me believe that Yeldon will most likely still have a role as a pass catching back in this offense. So in some deep leagues if you need a flier Yeldon might be your guy. And if anything were to happen to Fournette, Yeldon could be in for a big year.
  • Corey Grant during his time in Jacksonville has showed to be an extremely explosive running back in that change of pace role. Now this year I don’t expect anything much from Grant besides keeping that change of pace role he already has. But his is interesting to keep an eye on because he has always prefomed well and might be ready for a more expanded role in some capacity. But Grant doesn’t carry any value unless Fournette goes down and even then I would expect Yeldon to still receive the majority of the snaps.


  1. Marqise Lee
  2. Keelan Cole
  3. Dede Westbrook
  4. Donte Moncrief
  5. D.J. Chark
  6. Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Marqise Lee

  • Lee is now the #1 in Jacksonville with Hurns and ARob gone he will get another chance this season to put up more fantasy numbers. But Lee really hasn’t shown to much besides being hurt for the majority of his career. So far he has only played 16 games just once over his 4 year career and seems to always get hurt in some fashion.
  • Lee is a WR that seems to have reach his limit as far as potential. He is a solid depth option at WR and a good bye week filer if you need a WR but don’t expect to rely on him every week because he will cost you fantasy games. Along with that I just don’t believe he can stay healthy all season to truly help your fantasy team as much as you want. The only way you draft him is if you really believe he is head over heals better than everyone else on this receiving squad and I’m here to tell you he is not.

Keelan Cole

  • Cole last year came out of nowhere to be the Jaguars receiving leader. He started off slow in the beginning of the year but you saw him once in a while make plays with his limited touches and as the season went on he kept on making big plays and establishing himself as one of Bortlers go to players.
  • Now Cole was older than your average rookie at 24 but he took advantage of his opportunity last year showing that he belonged. Now entering this year people seem to be sleeping on Cole going with guys like Dede & Chark as being the guys who are going to make the bigger fantasy impact. But Cole should already be ahead of Dede this year and Chark I am not a believer in all the combine hype.
  • Entering his 2nd year I believe Cole is the one who is going to establish himself as the best WR to own in Jacksonville. He has the deep speed to play on the outside and last year he worked all over the field which makes him very versital. If there is one WR I am trusting in this group its Cole.

Dede Westbrook

  • Westbrook is the guy everyone is going to be high on coming into this season and rightfully so he showed he can be a playmaker at the NFL level. When he finally made it back from his injury during the year he showed he was ready to play from the get go. But during his rookie season it was still a struggle and its never easy to come back from a 10 week absence
  • This year Cole will most likely be a starting WR on 3 WR sets. To me he profiles as more of a slot WR who occasionally can motion to the outside if needed given he is still blazing fast and quick. Now if I had to choose which WR is going to lead this group to me its Cole. But Westbrook has just a good of a shot, If I had to draft a WR out of this group its going to end up being either Cole or Westbrook.

Donte Moncrief / D.J. Chark

  • I use to be a big Moncrief fan given that he looked every part of an elite WR he has the height, speed and size but always dispointed during the season. Now even though the Jaguars paid him almost 10 million this off-season it is only for one year and he is going to still have to compete for a role on this crowded offense. If there is any breakout news on Moncrief this year I am stay far away from him. He has underachieved his entire NFL Career and don’t see it all of a sudden changing. In Jacksonville I view him as just a redzone/deep threat in certain situations and that is about it. I’ve been burned to many times by Moncrief to be a believer that this could be their year.
  • Chark tested as one of the most athletic WR at the combine and looks to have all the physical tools to maybe be special, but I am just not buying it. Now Chark has a lot of work to do if he is going to get a chance to start and be a consistent starter for the jaguars but he can have a role on this team in come capacity. I believe he is going to be competiting with Moncrief for that 4th WR spot as a situational deepth threat and in redzone situations. Chark is more of a dynasty hold to see if he can develop in future years as a viable fantasy WR.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins

  • This was the last landing spot I was hoping ASJ would land. I was really excited to see him turn his life around and play football because he has all the tools to be a really exciting TE and he showed that last year with the Jets. But the problem is his numbers don’t reflect how good he was and how poorly the Jets used him.
  • Last year he barley was used as a downfield threat which is a disappointment given he has the speed and height to win downfield. But he did most of his damage on shorter routes. Now he didn’t have the best fantasy seaosn with only 50 catches, 357 yards, and 3TDs. But for him it was the step in the right direction and that is a plus. Now it will be tricky to predict his role on this offense but no question he is their starting TE and gives Bortles another receiving threat. I expect all his numbers to increase this year but probably not by much. He should land around 55-60 catches, 550 yards, & 6-8Tds. So he should be a solid fantasy TE but hopefully he gets more opportunities than what I think because I really love the talent with him.