By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: June 2nd, 2018


  1. Andrew Luck
  2. Jacoby Brissett
  3. Brad Kaaya

Andrew Luck

  • As write this right now luck still hasn’t thrown a pass which might make you a little worried. But I am hear to tell you that you should be that worried. The Colts are doing exactly what you want them to do with their star player and make sure he is competently healthy before taking any unnecessary risks to aggravate his shoulder.

  • When training camp start I fully expect him to be throwing and working on his chemistry with his WR and helping this offense provide some valuable fantasy assets. Now when Luck steps on the field the results are usually really good. He is pretty much a lock to throw for over 4,000 yards imo so that is a plus. The one thing that has always hurt him is turnovers and hopefully this year he can rein that in a little.

  • When Luck steps on the field this year he is a no question top 10 fantasy QB with the potential to be a top 5. But with so many good fantasy QB options you don’t need to rush to draft him. I’m sure a lot of people will be down on him considering he hasn’t played in over a year and you should be able to get him at a reasonable price.

Jacoby Brissett

  • Jacoby Brissett filled in the best he could last year given he got no work with the Colts during the off-season and had to learn the play book on the fly. Now IF Luck for whatever reason doesn’t get on the field which I doubt will happen Brissett should fill in just fine given that this year he will have the off-season to learn and develop some chemistry with the offensive players in Indy. If Brissett has to step in this year I believe the results will be much better than last year. So don’t stress to much if Luck goes down for whatever reason.


  1. Marlon Mack
  2. Nyheim Hines
  3. Robert Turbin

Marlon Mack

  • Marlon Mack had an inconsistent rookie season but managed to show off some of his explosiveness that made the Clots draft him last year. This year he has a chance to be the lead back in which probably will end up being a committee backfield. Hopefully working with Gore last year help Mack learn some things and carry it over this season when he should see his playing time increase.

  • Now luckily for Mack last year was his rookie season so he gets a little bit of a pass entering this year because at least he was able to show off some of his explosiveness that made him so good in college. Now entering his 2nd season and gaining the experience he did from playing I think you should expect him to make a pretty decent leap but as it stands right now Mack is not he RB that I believe will have the biggest fantasy impact.

Nyheim Hines

  • Hines is one of my favorite rookies that people might be sleeping on given that he doesn’t have the prototypical size for an NFL RB. He lands in a prime situation with the Colts where there is no clear cut starting running back which could lead to him seeing the field early and often.

  • Hines was clocked as being the fastest running back in this years class running a 4.37 in the forty. Hines in college showed he is an effective receiver along with being a good rusher. Now coming into the NFL he will never be a workhorse back because he just doesn’t have the size to hold up but that doesn’t mean he can’t be an effective fantasy running back.

  • Hines will walk in with the Colts and have an opportunity to be the pass catching/3rd down back right away and given that if he preforms well enough you can easily see him split carries also with whoever turns out to be other running back most likely that should be Mack. There has already been talk about Hines even getting opportunities to play in the slot along with having rushing duties which is extremely appealing. I can easily see him getting 15 touches a game and coming close to getting 1,000 scrimmage yards.

Robert Turbin

  • Turbin comes back this season from injury and right now don’t expect to much from him. The one thing that could give him playing time is goal line situations and pass blocking duties. He hasn’t show much during his NFL career and I wouldn’t expect much from him now. This is going to be a Hines & Mack backfield this year.


  1. T.Y. Hilton
  2. Chester Rodgers
  3. Ryan Grant
  4. Dion Cain
  5. Jack Doyle
  6. Eric Ebron

T.Y. Hilton

  • Last year was a rough year for all the Colts offensive players when Luck didn’t play. Hilton went from being a top 5 fantasy WR the year before to just being any other fantasy WR. Now even after his down year he did manage to almost crack a 1,000 yards even though most of his yards came in 4 games out of 16 he played.

  • Now entering this year Luck is fully expect to come back and be ready week 1. This is a huge boost to all the Colts offensive players especially Hilton who should get back to being a productive fantasy WR. Hilton is still one of the best deep threats in the NFL and has showed pretty much every year in the NFL the one downside to Hilton is that he lacks the size to truly make an impact in the redzone. But the games he does find the endzone produce amazing fantasy days generally because he is scoring on deep shots and burning people.

  • Now Hilton is still 28 years old and is right now in the prime of his career I am fully sold on Hilton this year with Luck back and even if Brissett has to play he should be better this year having the off-season to get comfortable. A lot of people might sleep on Hilton with concerns over Luck but don’t worry Hilton can be a top notch fantasy WR like he has been in years past.

Chester Rodgers

  • Chester Rodgers is one of my favorite fantasy sleepers this year. The Colts didn’t do much to solidify the #2 WR spot and Rodgers has the ability to make a real impact for the Colts. Now over his last 2 years he hasn’t done much of anything besides the occasional splash play here and there. But This year I am here to tell you he could be in for a big season.

  • Now Rodgers has the speed and height to help give him an advantage in certain situation he isn’t the biggest WR based on size but that shouldn’t matter given in the past we hav seen WR with smaller frames have success in the NFL. His lack of competition with Ryan Grant and rookie Deon Cain gives him a great chance to make a real splash his 3rd year.

  • Rodgers is a player who I will be trying to get in most of my leagues given how good his upside could be with Andrew Luck and that fact that he has shown in moments he can make a really impact on the field. If he can show that his injuries from last year are behind him and preform well in training camp & preseason look out because he could be in for a big year.

Ryan Grant

  • Ryan Grant ended up having his best year with the redskins last year catching 45 passes for 573 yards, and 4 TDs. Like Rodgers, he has a chance to see those number increase but I wouldn’t expect it with Grant. His time in Washington was nothing more than a 4th WR and last year he was thrusted into a bigger role because of injuries & poor performances from the Washington WRs.

  • Now coming into this season with the Colts he can easily end up working the slot for the Colts and I can envision him with around the same numbers he put up last year but this is going to be interesting to watch this competition unfold for who becomes Hilton sidekick.

Deon Cain

  • Now Cain has the appearance of a WR1 in the NFL but the problem is that he never showed that in College playing at Clemson. Cain has blazing speed to go with his great size but when Mike Williams left last year Cain didn’t seize the opportunity to make himself really stand out and it didn’t help that he had a problem with drops during college also to go along with small hands that he measured at the combine.

  • That doesn’t mean Cain isn’t going to get his chance. The things he has going for him is his size and speed combo which is a plus. The only thing he will need to show at the next level is focusing on catching passes and not trying to turn upfield to quick because thats when WRs start to get in trouble. Cain will get his chances to compete for a role on the Colts offense given their lack of talent so keep an eye out on him in your dynasty leagues.

Jack Doyle

  • Doyle came out of nowhere when Fleener left to the saints 2 years ago and he been really good. The first year he showed he belong and was a great recever along with being a good blocker at TE. Entering last season he was a TE everyone was excited to see given Allen had left and Doyle was going to get all the looks from Luck. But as we all know Luck never came to play.

  • Now last season didn’t stop Doyle from improving on all his numbers. He ended last year with 80 catches, 690 yards, and 4TDs. This year with a healthy Luck I fully expect Doyle to make another jump given that Hilton is their only proven WR along with Doyle. This year with Luck under center I see Doyle with around 75-80 Catches, 840 yards and 6TDs.

Eric Ebron

  • People worried about that fact that Ebron will cut into Doyle time are crazy. Ebron was a huge disappointment with the Lions. He could never keep his hands on the ball was always hurt every season with the Lions and never developed into an redzone threat.

  • He is walking in with the Colts as the clear #2 TE and the only reason they brought him in was to add hopefully just another WR option and to give luck more weapons. Ebron if anything cuts into the other WRs numbers at best but Doyle is the better player and will see plenty of time out on the field. Ebron isn’t worth drafting in any league and is only worth a pickup if Doyle were to get hurt, and even then I still might not trust Ebron.