By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: May 26th, 2018


  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Brett Hundley
  3. DeShone Kizer

Aaron Rodgers

  • There isn’t much to say about Rodgers that isn’t already known. Rodgers is the best Fantasy QB you can get and you are going to have to spend a little to put him on your roster but at least you know that your QB position is set and you will never have to go looking for anyone else barring an injury. Hopefully Rodgers doesn’t suffer another injury but as long as he stays healthy he is no question a top 3 QB.


  1. Jamaal Williams
  2. Aaron Jones
  3. Ty Montgomery

Jamaal Williams

  • last year Jamaal Williams ended up being the Packers best running back. Now at some point last year they had one running back out with injuries and all the Packers running backs had some sort of success at different points of the season. Williams though might have handled the workload the best when he recovered from his injury and come back to the field.

  • From weeks 10-17 he started to get the majority of the work of the Packers and was able to show he could handle being a 3 down back. Now the biggest problem with him is he needs to improve his vision this year because last year he struggled finding the holds to hit and it showed in his YPC being blow 4. But coming into this year and with Rodgers back at QB should make it much easier for all the running backs.

  • Now with Williams he is going to have to hold off Aaron Jones and Ty Montgomery but going into the season this running back room could be a mess to deal with. Willams as of right now is the starter but expect him to be on a short leash.

Aaron Jones

  • Jones to me is the most talented running back in Green Bay and when he got his shot to be the starter he was extremely effective with his touches and showed very good awareness on where to hit the holes and make big plays.

  • last year Jones won over the backup spot over Williams which goes to show he is the more talented running back of the 2. And from week 5-7 he put up 2 100 yard games tearing up defenses. Now Jones will get a chance to compete for the starting role given that Williams didn’t exactly run away with the job last year.

  • If you had to choose between Williams and Jones I would take the gamble on Jones given that he is the more talented running back and showed last year he can do more with his touches with his big play ability. But you definitely need to monitor This running back situation though Camp and the pre-season.

Ty Montgomery

  • Ty last year was a running back I was extremely high on and thought he could reach fantasy stardom given his duel ability to play WR and be an effective running back. But the season was a struggle for Ty as he wasn’t as effective as he would hope and the first couple weeks what mainly carries his value was his receiving skills and TDs.

  • Now coming into this year he doesn’t look like he will be getting a chance to be the workhorse running back that he had the chance to be last year. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be a decent fantasy option. Right now it looks like Williams and Jones  will be handling the primary running responsility while Ty is going to end up being more of a change of pace/3rd down back which can still be valuable in the Green Bay offense.

  • I wouldn’t be to high on Ty unless Jones and Williams fail to anything with they opportunity which I don’t foresee happing. Now like I said earlier this is going to be something to pay attention to all of camp and pre-season to see how this unfolds and how these 3 running backs are going to be used.


  1. Davante Adams
  2. Randall Cobb
  3. Geronimo Allison
  4. Equanimeous St. Brown
  5. J’Mon Moore
  6. Marquez Valdezs-Scantling
  7. Jimmy Graham

Davante Adams

  • Devante Adams is a WR who took some time to develop but once he did he became one of the primary options on this offense. Over the last 2 years he has had double digit TDs and over 900 yards which is pretty good given he was competing with Jordan and Cobb for targets.

  • Coming into this year I fully expect Adams to be one of the best fantasy WR given that Jordy is no longer in Greenbay and Adams automatically turns into the unquestioned #1 WR for Rodgers. I expect Adams to keep up his double digit TD streak going this year along with finally reaching over 1,000 yards. He is going to be a fantasy WR you want this year.

Randall Cobb

  • The last couple years have not been good for Cobb fantasy wise every since he amazing year with over 1,200 yards and 12 TDs he has been on a steady decline in production which is unusual given that he is still a young WR.

  • Now this year they are going to need Cobb to step up given that Jordy is no longer with the Packers and all the rookie WRs they brought in to compete for that 3rd WR role. Cobb will still man the slot and is explosive enough to make plays happen. Right now Cobb is entering his prime years and hopefully he can get something going this year and take advantage of the fact that Jordy is no long there.

  • I feel like Cobb is a player everyone is going to be sleeping on this year given his struggles the last few years. If you get a chance to grab him on your team at an affordable price he is worth the filer with Rodgers throwing to him.

Geronimo Allison /Equanimeous St. Brown/J’Mon Moore/ Marquez Valdezs-Scantling

  • Now this 3rd WRs spot is going to be interesting to watch in Green Bay given that whoever wins this spot will be opposite of Adams. Right now Allison will be the guy manning that spot given his experience in the offense and entering his 3rd year he should see a leap in production. If Allison walks away with this 3rd WR spot it could be extremely valuable position to be in as he could produce fantasy fantasy numbers but I don’t expect Allison to walk away with this job.

  • Equanimeous St. Brown is the player I fully expect to be starting opposite of Adams.  St. Brown is big and has really good speed for someone his size. Now his last year in college he saw his production dip but to me that was more due to the fact he didn’t have a capable QB throwing him the ball and that the Irish were more run oriented. But right now St. Brown has an uphill battle to get the job not only competing with Allison but also 2 Rookies who also have great height and speed. This is another situation to monitor throughout the year.

  • Now Moore showed he is a good WR in college and that he absolutely has a chance to make an impact right away in the NFL given he was ahead of St. Brown when he was drafted. His last year in the SEC he was able to go over 1,000 yards and grab 8Tds which is pretty good and he didn’t it in a lot of different ways all over the field.

  • Marquez to me is the odd man out of this 3rd WR competition. I don’t expect him to win it but he has the physical traits to make an impact one day but I don’t view him as a starting fantasy WR any time soon. He is 6’4” with amazing speed but never showed he could be anything more than just a deep threat. Now like I said before be prepared to keep a close eye on this battle because it could end up being a valuable fantasy asset this season.

Jimmy Graham

  • The packers TE room over the years hasn’t done much of anything. First they brought in Jarad Cook which disappointed fantasy owners, then they decided to bring in Bennett who we thought could have an impact and ended up giving up on the season the first chance he got. Jimmy Graham is by far more talented than both those guys.

  • Now Graham had solid success with Wilson in Seattle but it wasn’t what we had hoped to be. This year Graham will get Rodgers throwing him the ball which could be a really special fantasy connection. When they say 3rd time is the charm I believe it will be for the Packers with Graham. He is a big body who can win all over the field and is a terror in the redzone. I think we could see Graham maybe get back to what he was with the saints putting up close to a 1,000 yards this year along with double digits TDs.

  • Graham is a guy who I think you might not have to spend a lot to acquire and he has the potential with Rodgers to be a Top 3 fantasy TE this year. Let’s just hope that  Graham can break this horrible streak for Green Bay and their TEs.