By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: May 23rd, 2018


  1. Matthew Stafford
  2. Jake Rudock
  3. Matt Cassel

Matthew Stafford

  • Stafford is probably one of the most underrated fantasy QB. Every year he is usually good for over 4,000 yards and at least 22TDs which is pretty impressive from a QB who has never had a reliable running game.

  • This year Stafford comes with the same supporting cast at WR minus Eric Ebron which is a plus on offense. He has developed a great connection with Golden Tate and Marvin Jones which I don’t expect to change then add the fact that Kenny Golladay will be entering his 2nd year will also make a major impact for Stafford.

  • Stafford has a chance to crack the top 5 fantasy QBs this year as long as his line can protect him. Golladay should improve on his rookie year and give Stafford another endzone threat. I fully expect Stafford to have a great fantasy year this year.


  1. Kerryon Johnson
  2. LeGarrette Blount
  3. Theo Riddick
  4. Ameer Abdullah

Kerryon Johnson

  • Johnson is a player the Lions traded up for and has a lot of potential, people have even compared him to Bell which is pretty high praise. When Johnson runs the ball he bring almost the same style that bell does on the field with his jump cuts and patients.

  • Now Johnson is coming to an offense that won’t be asking him to do nearly as much as bell given that the Lions have Blount and Riddick to handle some of the running back workload. But expect Johnson to have a good role on the offense getting most the carries from 20 to 20 yard line. He is more explosive than Blount but expect Blount and Johnson to split carries unless one of them start to get into a rhythm in game.

  • Johnson is a fantastic fantasy flier given the Lions have struggles the last few years running the ball. This year they brought in a new center to help out the run game and look to be a little more committed to try and take the load off of Stafford.

LeGarrette Blount

  • Blount has been a pretty effective running back over his career and has shown it the last couple of years with the Pats and Eagles. Blount comes into a situation with the Lions where he will get carries and get most of the goal line & short yardage work which he excels at.

  • Blount walks into the Lions running back room looking to share carries but that is nothing new to him given that he has done it for most of his career and was pretty good last year with the Eagles. This year expect the same amount of rushing totals but expect to see an increase in his TD as he only ended up with 3 last year. I fully expect him to have around 6-8 this year.

Theo Riddick

  • Riddick is one of the best pass catching backs in the NFL but don’t expect him to put up game changing fantasy numbers on your team. He is a good depth option if you are suffering from injuries to your RBs but his value mainly comes from PPR leagues. Now that being said the Lions finds ways to use him in a lot of different situations and even in the redzone sometimes. Make sure you don’t reach for him but if you can him as a depth running back to help with bye weeks or injuries he is a good player to have to keep you afloat for a week or two.


  1. Marvin Jones
  2. Golden Tate
  3. Kenny Golladay
  4. Micheal Roberts

Marvin Jones

  • Marvin Jones had a career year last year with the Lions and showed his ball skills on deep passes Stafford and him in their 2nd year developed a better trust which showed in Jones play and his ability to make plays.

  • Marvin Jones ended last year with over 1,100 yards and 9 TDs and showed he is fully capable of handling the #1 receiver role in this offense. But this year I expect his numbers to take a little bit of a dip given that Kenny Golladay was hurt for most of the year and Jones turned out to be the Lions only deep threat. I expect Jones to still be a very effective fantasy WR and he will most likely be a WR2 on some fantasy teams that might go run heavy which isn’t a bad option at WR.

Golden Tate

  • Golden Tate quietly put together another good season with over 90 catches and 1,000 yards. He is one of the best slot WR in the NFL and is one of the most reliable WR also. Tate is another great fantasy option to provide your team with consistent production. He always has his hands on the ball and is always given a chance to make plays after the catch.

  • Tate’s best quaility is his ability to make things happen after the catch and you should expect him to continue that kind of production this year. There is no reason to see his role change in anyway and will be Mr. Reliable for Stafford when he is looking to get a quick completion or for someone to make a play.

Kenny Golladay

  • Golladay is the X-factor in this offense, he showed flashes of being a really good NFL WR but just struggled with some injuries. But in the 11 games he played he had 477 yards and 3 TDs. If he could have stayed healthy you could easily see those numbers hit around 700 yards and 5-7 TDs.

  • This year he should be on the field a whole lot more given that they released Ebron and will be looking to rely on Golladay more this year. I fully expect him to show everyone how good he really is this year consistently. And if anything happens to Tate or Jones, then Golladay becomes a weekly start given how good his ability is.

Micheal Roberts

  • This is going to be a place you don’t want to look for in your fantasy TE. I don’t expect the Lions TE to make a major impact receiving for them. The one thing he might provide is a redzone presence. In his final year at Toledo he scored 16 TDs which is pretty impressive and I can see him being a weapon in the redzone at times but don’t expect to much and especially don’t rely on him in fantasy to help you win.