By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: May 23rd, 2018

The Quarterback position in fantasy is pretty deep and its hard to call anyone a sleeper anymore with so many good QBs in fantasy, but here we are focusing on QBs that could crack the top 10 in fantasy scoring.

  1. Tyrod Taylor
  2. Andy Dalton
  3. Lamar Jackson
  4. Sam Bradford
  5. Blake Bortles

Tyrod Taylor

  •  Tyrod Taylor might be holding the starter seat for Baker Mayfield for now but I believe Mayfield will be sitting on the bench for the year while sitting back and watching Taylor do some work. This year with Cleveland he will have the best weapons he has ever had at his disposal. His best WR he has ever had in Buffalo was an injury prone Sammy Watkins and after that were just a bunch a special teams players running routs.

  • Taylor is going to have Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, Duke Johnson, David Njoku, Corey Coleman and Antonio Callaway. Now Coleman is a bit of a question mark right now not nowing if he will still be on the team when the seasons starts but take him away and you still have a pretty good group of receivers.

  • Taylor over his career has always been able to take care of the football so you don’t have worry about turnovers with him. In Buffalo they were also a very run heavy team with McCoy in the backfield doing most of the work. This year for Taylor he will have an opportunity to take a little more on his shoulders and show he is a better QB than what his numbers suggest in Buffalo.

  • Having a freak like Gordon who can beat anyone anywhere on the field is huge and then add the fact that Landry always finds ways to get open and has the best hands in the NFL. Taylor justs looks primed for a good fantasy season, and we haven’t even mentioned his running ability! I think you can expect this year for Taylor to be a great year and now having legitimate offense weapons he might become a consistent fantasy starter. The only way he doesn’t do what I think he will do is if the Browns start losing like the Browns only can and they are forced to sit him to let Mayfield play. But don’t be shocked if the Browns turn out to be better than what everyone thinks they are.

Andy Dalton

  • Dalton is generally a pretty solid backup QB in fantasy football, usually he is good for a few 300+ yard games and always hovers around the 20-25 TD mark. But this year I am going to go out on a limb and say he has over 4,000 yards and around 30 TDs.

  • The Biggest thing that makes me believe that Dalton can achieve these goals is his supporting cast of players this year along with a hopefully improved offensive line. This year they will have returning offensive line players with a little more experience from last year along with incoming center Billy Price from OSU which will help keep Dalton upright. Then add that fact that Joe Mixon should be much improved to help take some pressure off Dalton will help.

  • Dalton WRs have a lot of upside along with having solid players to make plays. A.J Green is a beast then add that with experienced of Brandon LaFell that isn’t a bad WR combo. But that guys who are going to help Dalton take it to another level will be John Ross and the TE pair in Cincinnati. Now Hopefully Ross stays on the field this year but if he does he will give Dalton another deep threat along with Green and the fact that teams are going to be focused on Green primary will open up a lot of things for Ross to stretch the field and give LaFell a lot of room to operate underneath. Then in the redzone Dalton will have his choice on who to go to with Green, Eifert(If Healthy), and Tyler Kroft all 3 of these guys check it above 6’4″.

  • Don’t be surprised to see Dalton have one of his best years as a pro, he has all the weapons at his disposal its just about him going out and taking advantage of them

Lamar Jackson

  • This sleeper is assuming he replaces Flacco at some point in the season, which I believe he will. Flacco has been nothing but average to below average as a QB, while Jackson will be able to bring a whole new dynamic to the Ravens offense that they never had.

  • Regardless of what you think about Jackson college career he showed improvement every year during his time as a passer which makes me believe he can be more than just your normal running QB. Granted his completion % never got above 60 but each year as the starter he saw an increase in his % which is a good sign. Add that with he will be strictly focused in the NFL at improving as a QB he should continue to see improvement in his game.

  • The one worry I had was with the Ravens skill position players last year their best players were Alex Collins and Mike Wallace and its not good that no one else on that offense was able to step up. But this year they did a solid job of bringing in a better supporting cast with John Brown, Willie Snead, and Crabtree along with Alex Collins making continued improvement. When Jackson does step on the field he will have a solid supporting cast to help him out.

Sam Bradford

  • This is going to depend solely on injury, Bradford has been one of the most injury prone QBs in the league and most likely that trend continues this year but if he does manage to stay healthy he could be in for a very good year.

  • Bradford is walking into a good situation in Arizona getting DJ an Fitz as his main 2 weapons along with a lot of young talent in Chad Williams, Christian Kirk, and Ricky Seals-Jones all 3 young players have the potential to make an impact this year and hopefully they take advantage of their situation.

  • One thing that Bradford has always excelled at is his accuracy, he loves to target the middle of the field and is extremely effective at it which makes RSJ & Fitz extra valuable this year given they operate mainly in the middle of the field and slot. Now DJ is fully recovered from his wrist injury which gives Bradford another player to rely on in the passing game.

  • If Bradford can stay healthy I think you should expect big things from him, he is walking into a situation that has a lot of good offensive pieces that can make plays for him and he doesn’t make a lot of turnovers which is a plus. He is worth a flier if you are the type of person who doesn’t like to spend a lot on a QB, but make sure you have a backup for him.

Blake Bortles

  • Bortles had one of his better years last year to help the Jags make the playoffs. Now their offensive philosophy has changed but that doesn’t mean Bortles can’t put up numbers this year. Last year he was able to do a really good job with a pair of rookie WRs in Keelan Cole and Dede Westbrook both guys who should improve in year 2.

  • Bortles finally did a good job managing his turnover while putting up yards and TDs and you can expect him to continue that trend. With his Rookie WRs gaining valuable experience last year and the additions of  Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Donte Moncrief, and D.J. Chark he will have even more players at his disposal to spread it around and not focus in on one guy when passing.

  • Bortles also has an underrated running ability so there is also that aspect of his game that will help give you a few extra fantasy points every week along with a few TD during the year. Towards the end of last year he was playing better and pushing the ball downfield more with great results.

  • This year Bortles will carry his success from last year to this year to take another leap in his progression as a QB. Now this team is still run first but that doesn’t mean Bortles will be limited in passing the ball downfield as he showed at the end of last year he can do effectively.