By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: May 22nd, 2018


  1. Case Keenum
  2. Paxton Lynch
  3. Chad Kelly

Case Keenum

  • Keenum ended up having an MVP type season and helping the Vikings almost make the superbowl before they ran into the superbowl champ Eagles. Keenum showed all season that he belonged and the question going into this season will be if it was a fluke or a sign of things to come.

  • Keenum is walking into a situation in Denver where they have good talent surrounding him with the RBs and WRs. Ever since Manning’s last year with the Broncos they have been more of a balanced team and don’t put to much pressure on their QBs which is exactly what they did last year with the Vikings.

  • Keenum right now just looks like a bye week filler at QB or if you are suffering injuries, there are to many good fantasy QBs who I feel will be better than Keenum or just as good so there is no need to overspend or reach for a player like Keenum. But he shouldn’t negatively impact the skill posiiton players because he is good enough to keep them relevant like he was in Minnesota.

Paxton Lynch/Chad Kelly

  • Paxton Lynch has not shown much over his 2 years in the NFL he has had chances to be a started and hasn’t really taken advantage of his opportunities. But one thing that people forget is sometimes it takes time for some QBs to develop case in point Denver’s new starting QB Keenum. Lynch will have to compete to maintain is #2 spot on the depth chart so it will be interesting to see what happens.

  • Chad Kelly last year was one of my favorite QBs but off field issues kept him from being drafted high along with his injury. Kelly has a chance to compete for the #2 spot behind Keenum given the fact that Lynch hasn’t lived up to Denver’s expectations. The backup QB spot will be something to pay attention to when training camp and pre-season comes around.


  1. Royce Freeman
  2. Devontae Booker
  3. De’Angelo Henderson

Royce Freeman

  • Freeman is one of my favorite rookie running backs coming out and he landed in a prime spot for him to showcase his ability. Freeman was highly productive at Oregon and has the ability to be a 3 down back he is a big bodied back so you know he can hopefully handle the abuse of being the main back.

  • Freeman opportunity is great in Denver given that his only competition is Booker, Most likely Booker will end up being the starter when the season starts unless Freeman blows away Denver or Booker gets hurt. The one thing I loved about Freeman is that his size never seemed to hinder his speed and it showed at the combine that he was able to run fast with all that weight being at 6 feet tall.

  • Freeman is a guy you should target in all your leagues he has the potential to get opportunity right away and hopefully run away with it this year and become another rookie running back fantasy stud.

Devontae Booker

  • So far over the course of Booker’s career he hasn’t shown to much with the opportunity that he has been given. He very good ability to catch the ball out of the backfield but so far over his last 2 years in the league hasn’t been able to maintain a YPC over 4. In Booker’s rookie year C.J. Anderson went down with an injury and Booker got a chance to step in and be the main back and wasn’t able to take advantage of the situation which lead Denver to bring in a guy like Jamal Charles.

  • Booker is worth a flier in most league but personally I don’t expect him to win the starting job. He will of course end up having a role on this team receiving and being a chance of pace type back for Freeman but I don’t foresee him being the full time starter for the Broncos.


  1. Demaryius Thomas
  2. Emmanuel Sanders
  3. Carlos Henderson
  4. Cortland Sutton
  5. Tight Ends

Demaryius Thomas

  • Thomas has been a solid fantasy contributor the last couple years but has seen his number decline slightly every year. Hopefully this year Kennum sparks some new life into the offense and the WR. Thomas is a different WR than what Keenum has in Minnesota and will get a chance to hopefully utilize him to the best of his ability.

  • Expect Thomas to get back over 1,000 yards this year but I think the biggest thing will be getting the TDs in the redzone and hopefully him and Keenum will connect plenty of times with each other.

Emmanuel Sanders

  • Sanders has been a great WR ever since Denver has picked him up, he has the speed and quickness to beat anyone. The only thing he lacks is the Size but that has never stop Sanders from making plays. last year was a tough year for Sanders given that he got hurt but before that he was a regular 1,000 yard WR with his running mate Thomas.

  • Expect Sanders to get back to that form again this year, Sanders in a nice depth piece to have on any fantasy roster and is always a dangerous threat to have big games. Now that they have Kennum hopefully he helps make Sanders even better.

Carlos Henderson/Courtland Sutton

  • Now lets start with Henderson. Henderson missed all of last year with a thumb injury and was never to step on the field to show what he can do. I am a big believe that Henderson will win out as the 3rd WR for this team and operate in the slot a position that this team desperately needs. Henderson was electric in college and dominated his competition. He can be successful at the pro level and in dynasty leagues he is very interesting because don’t expect Sanders & Thomas to be in Denver that much longer especially given that there was talk about releasing them this off-season.

  • Sutton is another rookie who landed in a great spot. With Denver he won’t be asked to do to much and will get a chance to sit back and learn from Thomas and Sanders. He is a big 6’3″ WR with good speed and a ability to win jump balls. Now his biggest impact to me on this team will be in the redzone and as their 4th receiving option. But there is always an opportunity to move up given that Henderson and himself will be competing for 3rd on the depth chart. And how I mentioned before with Thomas & Sanders not being in Denver that much longer he is a great player to keep a hold on in all your leagues.

Tight Ends

  • Denver hasn’t had a productive TE since Julius Thomas and I wouldn’t expect to see that change this year. Their most talented TE might be Jake Butt but he has already suffered 2 acl injuries and I don’t expect him to make a big fantasy impact. If my money was on who is going to end up being the best TE in Denver it would have to be Jeff Heuerman. He is already going to be getting 1st team reps with the offense he is big and more athletic than people think along with he has been in Denver the last 2 years so he has some familiarity with the Staff

  • This is not where you should be looking for a fantasy starter, Denver will most likely produce a productive fantasy TE this year.