By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: May 20th, 2018


  1. Dak Prescott
  2. Cooper Rush
  3. Mike White

Dak Prescott

  • Dak is an interesting QB going into this year. He suffered a down year dealing with Elliot drama and not having his best offensive weapon available all 16 games. Add that to Dez looking like a WR2 on a team at best along with Witten just not being what he use to be in the receiving game.

  • Dak during his rookie year was amazing coming in and making plays whenever given the chance along with keeping his turnovers at a minimum. Last year he produced almost the same numbers but his interceptions increased. Coming in his 3rd year he has a lot to prove with Dez & Witten gone and no true #1 WR. But I am more of a believer that we will see what we saw from his rookie but improved. He will be getting Elliot back this year along with younger better talent at WR. Expect Dak to make a case for top 10 status this year and show that last year was only just a down year and now what he really is.

  • Dak is a great dynasty asset he is young and has the luxury of having Zeke in the backfield for a long time. He just needs to hope that some of the receiving options on the team develop which I believe will happen for Dak.


  1. Ezekiel Elliot
  2. Rod Smith
  3. Bo Scarbrough

Ezekiel Elliot

  • Zeke has a rough year off the field last year which most likely contributed to his play but given the fact that he only played 10 games and had 983 yards on the ground is still a very impressive feat. There is no question that Zeke is the lead dog in Dallas and no one else should question that either. When on the field Zeke is one of the best Running backs in football.

  • Coming into this year fully expect Zeke to reclaim his RB1 status and become the beast he was his rookie year. Having Zeke back makes Dallas offense dangerous again. Now I think when the name Zeke comes up it should be obvious he is a top fantasy player and if you can get it he is worth it given the fact that he makes up for almost 3 fantasy players on you a team.

Rod Smith / Bo Scarbrough 

  • Rod Smith last year was a nice surprise out of the Dallas backfield he showed he belong and could have a role on a NFL team one day but it won’t be in Dallas unless a Zeke injury occurs. Rod Smith is the no question handcuff and if anything were to happen to Zeke expect Smith to step in and give you solid production in Zeke absence.

  • Bo won’t really have any role in Dallas besides maybe slitting time with Rod Smith if Zeke does go down. But I will say this about Bo he was one of my favorite sleeper running backs coming out of this class and I was hoping he would land in a situation that would given him a chance to compete for some type of role to get one the field but unfortunately it never happened. Now in Dallas he will have a great chance to sit back and learn what it takes to be an NFL back and hopefully when his number is called he shows how good he can be.


  1. Allen Hurns
  2. Cole Beasly
  3. Micheal Gallup
  4. Cedrick Wilson
  5. Terrence Williams
  6. Rico Gathers

Allen Hurns

  • Allen Hurns has a chance to revive his career in Dallas with the opportunity he is about to get. Right now He walks into Dallas looking like their best WR. Hurns has struggled with injures the last 2 year and has been a big bust ever since signing his big deal with the Jags but hopefully a fresh start with the Cowboys could be just what he needs.

  • Hurns has all the tools to be a productive WR for Dallas he has the height, speed, and hands to make a real impact. Now last year The Jags tried to move Hurns to the slot and he was able to have some pretty productive games for a while before the injury bug got to him again. But Hurns can still play and with Dallas he won’t be asked to man the slot given that Cole Beasley will be working from that spot at all times. Most of his damage will be done on the outside and expect Hurns to get as many opportunities to make plays with Dallas as possible given their lack of experience at WR.

  • Hurns is in a interesting situation because he is only 26 years old entering his prime years along with the fact that he has a good up and coming QB throwing to him and a elite running game to take pressure of the passing game. If you can get him at a cheap price he is worth taking a chance on in dynasty leagues and holding on to.

Cole Beasly

  • Beasly had an extremely down year last year after setting career highs in receptions and yards the year before. He generally doesn’t miss any time so you know you can rely on him to be on the field. The only problem is he’s not a fansty starter weekly and just a bye week filer.

  • Now that Dez and Witten are gone this opens up a lot of opportunity for Beasly to be a PPR Monster, Beasly has spent 2 years with Dak and will walk in as his preferred target on important downs along with a lot of other passing situations. Dak will have a level of comfort with Cole that he won’t have right away with all the new incoming WRs

  • I think you can fully expect him to repeat his performance from 2016 rather than his horrible 2017. I can easily see around 750 yards and 5 TDs for Cole this year.

Micheal Gallup/ Cedrick Wilson

  • Gallup is one of my favorite rookie WR this year given his opportunity with the Dallas offense. I fully expect him to be starting on 3 WR sets and he might even have a chance to beat out Hurns as the #1 WR on the outside if things go the way I think they will. Gallup was highly productive in colllege and showed exceptional skill while playing at Colorado State. On top of being able to run almost any route and will most likely improve on it at the NFL level he was very good with yards after the catch which gives him another dimension to his game to allow him to touch the ball any chance he gets.

  • Be prepared to hear Micheal Gallup’s name a lot during training camp and the pre-season as I fully expect him to make plays all off-season and during the season. Gallup is a great dynasty pick if you can grab him and also a late round flier in regular redraft leagues given his opportunity in Dallas to make an immediate impact.

  • Cedrick Wilson was a deep rookie sleeper I really liked during the draft process, he was productive at Boise State and showed good ability to get down the field and make plays. Right now he lacks the frame to maybe handle press corner on the outside but he is an older WR coming into the NFL which should help him be more mature in his process coming in.

  • I don’t foresee Wilson making an impact right away in Dallas but I have no faith in Terrence Williams and as much as I like Hurns he has lots of injury problems. Wilson might be able to see the field in spot work for the beginning of the season but as it goes on he might be able to slowly earn more work as the season goes on.

Terrence Williams

  • lets be honest about Williams over his career in Dallas he has been nothing more than a good blocking WR. He has had opportunities to show that he might be willling to do more in the receiving game but has never taken hold of those chances. Just looking at the last few years with Dez being hurt and unproductive he has shown that he can not handle being the go to guy and that should continue. What will most likely happen in Dallas is Williams will start only because he has been in Dallas for so long but I don’t expect him to hold onto his job this year with Hurns and Gallup who are both more talented than Williams and will replace him at some point or another.

Rico Gathers

  • Gathers is an interesting player for Dallas, last preseason he showed he could be a very good weapon at TE and make plays in the redzone along with anywhere on the field given his size and speed. Now the problem is Gathers has not stepped foot in one regular season game and hopefully this year will get his chance to make his season debut. He is by far the most talented TE in the group now the Witten retired.

  • Gathers right now is a late round flier but has sleeper written all over him given the opportunity he could get. He is someone that you need to pay attention to as training camp & preseason unfolds but I expect him to get the most TE snaps this year out of this group hopefully his concussion injury from last year is in the past and it won’t effect him this season.