By: Fantasy Football Dude



  1. Tyrod Taylor
  2. Baker Mayfield
  3. Drew Stanton

Tyrod Taylor

  • With his time with the Bills Taylor was a pretty effective QB never throwing double digit picks and keeping his completion % above 60 which are pretty good for a QB. The one thing that I felt that always held back Tyrod was his weapons in Buffalo. But with the Browns this year I think Taylor has a chance for a breakout fantasy year with all the players he has at his disposal.

  • Tyrod best offensive player in Buffalo was Sammy Watkins but he was always hurt and missing time and given the Bills were always a run heavy team with McCoy and never brought in any receiving help to give Taylor more options he always fit the mold as a serviceable fantasy starter/bye week filler.

  • This year I am a big believer in Tyrod taking the next step he will have loads of talent surrounding him with Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, David Njoku, Duke Johnson and hopefully a healthy Corey Coleman. With those guys Taylor has a chance to finally breakout and become an every week fantasy starter for the Browns. On top of him improving his passing numbers this year he is always a threat with his legs which is an added bouns in fantasy. I think Taylor will be one of the fantasy suprises this year.

Baker Mayfield 

  • Mayfield is one of our favorite QBs coming out of this year’s class. He was highly productive in Oaklahoma while consistently winning year in and year out. Now I don’t believe he will get to start this year because I am a firm believer that Taylor will have a breakout season and keep the Browns competitive all year.

  • If Mayfield does end up starting it will be because of injury or a lost season, Mayfield to us is more of a Dynasty stash and mostly likely will end up being the starting QB next year for the Browns. But when Mayfield does start he will be walking into an offense with plenty of talent to help him successed in the NFL.


  • Carlos Hyde
  • Duke Johnson
  • Nick Chubb
  • Matt Dayes

Carlos Hyde

  • Hyde had a rough start to his career  first playing behind Gore when he was a rookie and then missing a ton of time with injury. But over the last 2 years it seems like he has figured it out and been able to stay on the field. Hyde will take over the 1&2 down role in the offense which he will still be productive in but expect to see his career high 59 catches from last year to take a dive with Duke Johnson still in Cleveland

  • Hyde will most likely lose passing down work to Johnson and will most likely share some carries with Chubb. Which might make Hyde a very frustrating fantasy back this year and there will always be the injury concerns with him and any time he misses opens the door for Nick Chubb to take over and steal the job away from Hyde. Hyde is a player you should be cautious about and not rely on as an RB2 on your fantasy team, there are to many downsides and lack of a chance to work as a 3 down back like how he was used in San Francisco.

Duke Johnson

  • Johnson had a career year last year with over 1,000 total yards and 7TDs which are pretty impressive numbers given he was splitting time with Crowell. Just because Hyde comes to the Browns doesn’t effect Johnson value. Johnson will still work and the pass catching specialist along with a change of pace role in the run game.

  • The interesting thing about Johnson is a pretty effective runner with a solid build behind him at 5’9” 210 pounds but it seems like he will never get an opportunity to be a full time back in Cleveland. Now I would expect Johnson’s receiving numbers to remain somewhat around what he had last year but expect his carries and rushing yards to take a dip given the Browns draft Chubb and they will most likely will want to get him involved in the offense.

Nick Chubb

  • Chubb is one of our favorite running backs coming out of this class he looks every bit of a 3 down workhorse at the NFL level. In college he had the speed & power to do anything on the field and on top of that he was spitting time with another very good running back which makes his numbers that much more impressive in the SEC.

  • This year for Chubb with the Browns could either be a very limited role or he could thrive. This all depends on Hyde and if he can be productive and healthy for 16 games. Now I think Chubb will get his opportunities to shine but it will be very limited early on with Hyde and Johnson taking most of the running back snaps. But if Hyde misses time and Chubb runs away with the job expect big things from Chubb. It’s only a matter of when Chubb will take over this backfield.


  1. Josh Gordon
  2. Jarvis Landry
  3. Corey Coleman
  4. Antonio Callaway
  5. David Njoku

Josh Gordon

  • Josh Gordon finally made it back on the field this year to finish out the season and showed he still looks pretty good. I am all in on Josh Gordon this year and with a full off-season with the Browns I expect big things from Gordon as a fantasy WR.

  • Gordon has the talent to be considered one of the best WRs and hopefully this year he is able to show it off, with Taylor as his QB he has a chance to be a real monster and create tons of problems for opposing defenses and the one thing that Taylor does well is throw a good deep ball which will work well for Gordon who has the speed and height to run any route and make a play from anywhere on the field. I would expect big things from Josh Gordon this year.

Jarvis Landry

  • Landry last year ended up getting over 100 catches but couldn’t crack 1,000 yards which is disappointing but he managed 9 TDs which helped keep his fantasy value afloat. Don’t expect Landry to catch over 100 passes this year with Cleveland but the one thing he should do is crack 1,000 yards.

  • In Miami I always felt that he was underutilized more down field and never got to showcase that part of his game. With the Browns I am hoping that they let Landry run every route and make impact plays from all over the field instead of only short routes 10 yards or less. Landry is a tough player to judge given he is in a new location and will a ton of talent around him that will command targets. Landry isn’t a WR you want to rely on every week but he is worth having for matchup plays throughout the year.

Corey Coleman/Antonio Callaway 

  • Corey Coleman has had a rough time in the NFL with injuries to start his career. When he first started his rookie year he looked promising putting up 2TDs on a good Ravens defense but it seems like those times have fallen apart for the former first round pick. Now as long as Coleman doesn’t get traded or suffer another injury to keep him out he could end up having a solid year given that he won’t have to deal with the pressure of being the #1 WR for the Browns now that they Gordon and Landry in the fold. He has the talent to make plays lets just hope this year he can stay healthy to do it.

  • Now Callaway is interesting because he might make Coleman expendable but lets not forget that he is still a rookie and has barley see the field given all his off field issues in the past. Now Callaway will most likely compete with Coleman for that 3rd WR spot on the Browns so this will be a camp battle to watch. Callaway impressed at the combine so he has the physical tools to be successful in the NFL but we will have to wait and see how he preforms in training camp and pre-season.

David Njoku

  • Njoku showed a lot of promise last year improving every week. He played in all 16 games and showed of his receiving ability throughout the year. He ended the season with 386 yards and he was splitting time most of the year with Seth DeValve.

  • Coming into this year expect his snaps to go up along with his production, now TE usually take time to develop into really good players not every TE can be Evan Engram or Gronk right out of the gate. Now Njoku will have to deal with a lot of competition for targets this year will a pretty good WR room but he should be able to improve on his numbers from last year.

  • Njoku isn’t a TE I expect much from this year in fantasy he most likely will end up helping you out during bye weeks and could be a matchup play but I don’t see the consistently needed from him this year to be a consistent fantasy contributior.