By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: May 18th, 2018


  1. Andy Dalton
  2. Matt Barkley
  3. Jeff Driskel

Andy Dalton

  • Dalton has always been a pretty solid QB over the course of his career he falls usually in the middle of the pack or below middle of the pack for QBs in the NFL. But this year he could be ready to have his best year yet and make a crack at being one of the better QBs to have in fantasy.

  • Coming into this year the Bengals have a ton of good skill position players to help Dalton achieve his goal, the biggest problem last year was keeping Dalton upright after losing 2 key starting offensive linemen. This year they drafted a offensive linemen with their first pick to hopefully improve the line and give Dalton more time to throw.

  • Then we have the skill players, Joe Mixon and John Ross entering their 2nd years and should be much better than they were last year along with AJ Green still playing at a high level. Dalton this year can be a productive fantasy QB if we see these 2nd year players make a leap that they are suppose to.


  1. Joe Mixon
  2. Giovani Bernard
  3. Mark Walton
  4. Brian Hill

Joe Mixon

  • Mixon has breakout written all over him, going into this season he is fully expected to be the bell cow running back in Cincinnati. Last year he ended up having some productive games to go along with some highly unproductive games and never found any consistency with his touches until later in the year. This year he will be better prepared to handle the NFL workload and won’t be help back by Gio or Hill in the backfield.

  • Mixon brings great running and pass catching ability to the Bengals which he showed during his time last year, he runs hard and has the speed to beat people on the outside if need be. If there is anyway to acquire Mixon in any of your league do it now before the training camp hype train is in full effect.

Giovani Bernard

  • One of the more underrated backs in the NFL Gio has always been productive when he has gotten his touches and given a chance to make a play since entering the league. The problem with Gio is that he doesn’t have the body to hold up for 16 games getting that kind of workload and has always been just a complementary back to whoever the Bengals have.

  • Gio has the ability to be a productive back like he has been for most of his career the problem this year is that it doesn’t look like his role will expand with Mixon and looks more like it should decrease a little. Gio is just a handcuff type player for Mixon and won’t provide much besides being a 3rd down back and to give Mixon a breather for when he needs it. Gio is a nice late round piece to have in PPR leagues where he might generate a little value but that would be about it.

Mark Walton/Brian Hill 

  • Mark Walton and Brian Hill won’t have big roles with the team this year barring any injury to Joe Mixon for Gio. But if one of those 2 backs were to go down with an injury I would put my money on Mark Walton being the guys to pick up the slack. Walton last season he was hurt with injury but the year before he preformed extremely well in Miami and can work on rushing and passing downs and his the more talented back of the 2.

  • Brian Hill got some playing time towards the end of the season but it wasn’t enough to show the coaching staff what he could do. He has more of the Jeremy Hill type frame and might be able to get some playing time on short yardage and goal line situations if Mixon were to go down. But if I had to choose I would choose Walton over Hill because of his versatility in the passing game which gives him an edge over Hill


  1. A.J. Green
  2. John Ross
  3. Brandon LaFell
  4. Tyler Boyd
  5. Tyler Eifert
  6. Tyler Kroft

A.J. Green

  • There isn’t much to say about Green that isn’t already know. He is going to end up around the top 10 WRs like usually and will be a productive fantasy WR on any team. He seems always good for 1,000+ yards and around 8 TDs. This is a player you draft and don’t even worry about.

John Ross

  • Ross was extremely disappointing last year from start to finish. He started the year hurt and finished the year the same way with doing nothing in between. One thing that Ross has is blazing speed given the fact he broke the 40 time at the combine which hopefully we will be able to see this year.

  • If anyone is sleeping on a player it might be Ross, he was hurt all last year along with his injury history going back to college but in college he showed he can be very productive and be the number 1 guy. Now with the Bengals he just needs to make sure he stays on the field and utilize that speed at best right now he could end up being the 3rd WR in this group if he preforms well in training camp and preseason.

  • Now if he is on the field he is a big play waiting to happen every game and is definitely worth a late round filer because if he starts to pickup steam he could do some real damage with Green playing opposite of him to take pressure off him.

Brandon LaFell / Tyler Boyd

  • LaFell and Boyd don’t provide much excitement when it comes to fantasy. Both players had decent years when AJ Green went down with an injury in 2016 but with Green back they saw their numbers decrease significantly. Both players are worth only a wavier wire pickup and not much more.

Tyler Eifert / Tyler Kroft

  • Eifert could have been a top 5 fantasy TE if he could just manage to stay healthy but he just can’t do it not once over his 5 year career has he played 16 games and 3 out of the 2 years he has only played single digit games. Eifert has all the talent in the world to be considered one of the better TE in the league but injuries keep holding him back. If you decided to draft him make sure you have a backup plan because at some point this year you will have to replace him with another TE.

  • Tyler Kroft on the other hand is a much healthier option at TE for the Bengals and he should get the majority of the playing time over Eifert just because of that and the solid year he put up last year. Dalton loves to target his TE in the redzone and it showed again with Kroft and his 7 TDs. In my opinion Kroft should be the starting TE for the Bengals while Eifert should play a lesser role to keep him healthy.

  • This TE situation for fantasy could be a mess but I would expect it to sort itself out when Eifert ends up on IR again and Kroft gets the majority of the snaps at TE.