JBy: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: May 16th, 2018


  1. Mitchell Trubisky
  2. Chase Daniel

Mitchell Trubisky

  • The Bears had one of the worst WR cores in the NFL last season their leading WR was Kendal Wright and he doesn’t really strike fear in NFL defenses. They put to much faith in Kevin White and Cam Meredith suffered an unexpected injury that put him out for the year. With all that going against the Bears Trubisky showed glimpses of being a good NFL QB and maybe even a pretty good fantasy QB.

  • Trubisky to me is ready to have a breakout year with all the players the bears have on offense along with existing players and their head coach is my offensive minded than John Fox is. During the beginning of the year Trubisky had a tough go around the first week weeks but after a while showed how good he could end up being with the bears now that hey have players to throw to.

  • Last year his end of season totals ended up pretty good given how bad the offense was. His completion % was just below 60 for the season but from week 10-16 he was above 60% which is a good sign that shows he can be accurate with the football which is an important quality to have with a QB. If you have Trubisky in dynasty league you should be very excited about his potential this year and everything he is about to do.


  1. Jordan Howard
  2. Tarik Cohen
  3. Benny Cunningham

Jordan Howard

  • Jordan Howard over the last 2 years has arguably been the best offensive player the Bears have had and he has had to shoulder the load of the offense most times especially last year with a rookie QB and no top level talent at WR to take some pressure off the run game. But Howard still managed to find ways to make things happen and create plays for the Bears offense.

  • Coming into this 3rd year Howard might be able to take another leap in his progression as a running back by getting a more offensive minded head coach. Howard is no question the featured back in this offense but will most likely have to give up a little to Cohen this year as Howard has show he is not the most prolific pass catching back. But with all the additions on offense and Trubisky 2nd year improvement Howard could end up having a more effective year along with putting up some better numbers than he did the year before.

Tarik Cohen

  • One thing the Bears did a horrible job with is giving Cohen more opportunities to make plays. Whenever he had the ball in his hands he was electric and made something happen. His usage last year was extremely frustrating but this year with their new head coach already talking about getting him all over the field you should be excited to see Cohen play.

  • Cohen will most likely be a bell cow running back given his size but he can easily still be an effective running back just look at guys like Kamara and Coleman the last couple years, neither player got a huge workload but were extremely effective in the receiving game and in space whenever they got the ball. I believe Cohen can bring the same type of impact this year with the Bears I expect Cohen to get between 10-15 touches a game consistently because not getting him the ball is just reckless.

WR & TE 

  1. Allen Robinson
  2. Taylor Gabriel
  3. Anthony Miller
  4. Trey Burton

Allen Robinson

  • Allen Robinson has pretty big fantasy appeal landing in Chicago. Now almost a year removed from his ACL injury he should be ready to come back and show people what made him so good during his breakout year back in 2015. Luckily for Robinson he landed in a WR needy location with the Bears and will immediately be the top target with the Bears.

  • Robinson has all the makings of a WR1 and can do everything you ask of a player of his caliber to do. He can make plays anywhere on the field has the hands and speed to go over the middle & burn people on the outside. On top of all that he is still very young at 25 which makes him a perfect fantasy asset in dynasty leagues.

  • The only thing Robinson is going to have to rely on is Trubisky taking that 2nd year leap which I feel is going to happen with a more offensive minded head coach in Matt Nagy

Taylor Gabriel

  • Taylor Gabriel doesn’t provide much as a fantasy WR given that he has never had over 700 yards his entire career. But landing in Chicago he might have a chance to show he can do more as he slides right into the WR2 role. The other WR he is going to have to compete with in Anthony Miller (Rookie) & Kevin White (Injury waiting to happen). Gabriel has a chance to have a career year for himself in the windy city

Anthony Miller

  • Miller is one of my favorite WRs coming out of the draft and landed in the best possible situation as he will have a chance to start right away and make an impact. Miller was fantastic during his time in college and made plays constantly he is older than normal for a rookie at 23 years old but that shouldn’t stop him on possibly starting opposite Robinson.

  • Miller is one of the more polished WRs in this year’s draft class and his ability to run routes and given his good speed will give Trubisky just another player to help his breakout year.

  • Miller is a must own in dynasty formats and we think he will be the one to make an impact as the WR opposite Robinson not Gabriel. We view Miller as better being used all over the field as with Gabriel we just see as a deep threat slot WR given his speed.

Trey Burton

  • Trey Burton is a breakout TE for us this year, over the last couple years he has been overshadowed by Ertz and rightfully so because of how good Ertz is. But Burton in his limited action has showed very well and when he has been given the opportunity to start has showed he is a starting caliber TE in the NFL.

  • Burton is walking into a situation where he could end up being a go to target in this offense and can very well do that for the Bears. Matt Nagy came from KC where he had Travis Kelce and I believe they will want to use Burton in a similar light.

  • This is going to be Burton 1st year as a full time starting TE and we think he will take full advantage of his situation with the Bears this year. If you can get him in your dynasty league go out and get him because he is finally going to get the chance to show how good he really is.