By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: May 11th, 2018



  1. A.J. McCarron
  2. Josh Allen
  3. Nathan Peterman

A.J. McCarron

  • McCarron is definitely an unknown commodity that Buffalo obtained this off-season. They went from knowing what they had with Tyrod to getting a QB that they have no idea will be when he starts taking snaps this season. The one thing McCarron has going for him is that he has been sitting back and learning the last few years and isn’t going to be surprised when he starts this year.

  • All we have to go off of is his years at Alabama and his few start when Dalton got hurt. Now during his time at Alabama he was a winner, his completion % his last 3 years in college were above 65% and he never double digit INT during his time which shows he can take care of the football. When he got to the NFL he got some starting opportunity and performed pretty well not amazing but did enough to be able to win games in that season Dalton got hurt McCarron had:
    • 2015: 7 games played, 854 yards, 66% completions, 6/2 TD/INT

  • For Fantasy I wouldn’t even think about him being on my team unless the Bills turn into a high octane passing offense and they don’t have the players for that. McCarron might be worth a bye week filler some weeks, but until we see how he preforms I wouldn’t get to high on him just yet.

Josh Allen

  • Now Josh Allen looks like your prototypical QB he is 6’5″ 240 lbs and has an extremely strong arm to hit anyone, anywhere on the field. The one downside to his game that was been talked about non stop is his accuracy which he never got over 60% or showed improvement over his 2 years as a starter which is a bit concerning. Allen looks more like a project and I feel they will let McCarron get as many opportunities as possible to let Allen Sit and learn for as long as he can.

  • Allen is a guy worth taking a chance on in dynasty leagues but you might not see a return on him until next season. The Bills offensive skill players are unreliable besides McCoy as we will talk about shortly. Hopefully by next year the Bills could add some offensive help which could make Allen a breakout player next season.


  1. LeSean McCoy
  2. Chris Ivory
  3. Travaris Cadet

LeSean McCoy

  • McCoy is an amazing back and has been able to be successful for a long period of time which makes him even more impressive as a player. But this year might be the year where the wheels might fall off. The Bills lost 2 very good offensive linemen in Eric Wood and Richie Incognito who helped create running lanes for McCoy given that they had no WR to make an impact or take some pressure off the run game. Along with losing those 2 big guys up front they lost tyrod who helped keeps defenses honestly with his running ability something that McCarron doesn’t have.

  • I am down on a lot of players in Buffalo given how they performed on offense but McCoy found a way to always show up and play big for them. McCoy last year was one of the top running backs to see 8 defenders in the box and I don’t see that changing this year given they added no one on offense to help take some pressure off McCoy

  • Now given all that I still expect McCoy to be a top fantasy running back because of his 3 down ability and the fact that the Bills live and die with McCoy on offense so he will continue to see his touches which and as McCoy always does will make the most of them.

Chris Ivory/Travaris Cadet

  • This might be the most uninspiring duo if they end up playing given a McCoy injury. Chris Ivory over the course of his career has shown to be a pretty effective running back between the tackles and always is trying to gain extra yards. Plus he is good enough as a receiver to still make an impact on passing downs. If McCoy were to go down he is the back to own to hopefully keep you alive in your fantasy season.

  • Cadet I wouldn’t expect much from, over the course of his career he has been nothing more than a passing catching back. His only opportunity is if McCoy gets hurt and even then I would expect the Bills to mainly rely on Ivory and give him the bulk of the load at running back.

WRs & TEs

  1. Kelvin Benjamin
  2. Zay Jones
  3. Jeremy Kerley
  4. Austin Proehl
  5. Charles Clay

Kelvin Benjamin

  • Last year the Bills were desperate for a WR and they waited until the season to trade for Benjamin and of course the season was a struggle for him. Very Rarely do player come in mid-season trades and start to make a big impact. Now getting a full off-season with the Bills Benjamin is going to try and finally step up a become the WR that everyone thought he would be after his rookie year. well slow down for a second.

  • Benjamin best attribute is his size at 6’5″ but he lacks the speed to separate on a lot of routes so he is forced to use his body as his tool to separate which there is nothing wrong with. Now that he gets a more accurate passer in McCarron throwing to him hopefully that allows Benjamin to recapture some of his rookie magic. We already know he will be a factor in the redzone given his size but throughout his career he has always had issues coming into every season besides his rookie year. I wouldn’t get to attached on him Just because it seems like his volume might help him become a top WR.

  • Benjamin is a player I would say if he fall late enough to you he is worth a shot but its important not to reach for him because WR is such a deep position and you wouldn’t want to miss out on better player with higher upside. Dynasty leagues he is worth having because he is still young enough to hopefully get better but only at the right cost. He is definitely a player who you should be on the fence about.

Zay Jones

  • Zay Jones was a big disappointment for me last year, he walked in with a golden opportunity to put up some real number and make an impact on the Bills especially after Watkins was traded just before the season, and just never did all year. He ended last year with:
    • 27 catches, 316 yards, 2 tds to go along with a 36.5% catch rate – Numbers absolutely horrible for a WR who played and started in 15 games

  • Now the one thing Jones has going for him is that last year was his rookie year and WRs take some time sometimes in the NFL to develop. He has good size and speed and might be able to take a 2nd year leap given that the opportunity is still there for him and the Bills didn’t bring anyone else to compete with him in his spot yet.

  • There is no question you are still holding onto him in dynasty leagues because he can still develop into something.

Jeremy Kerley/Austin Proehl

  • Jeremy Kerley isn’t a bad WR and when given the chance he has shown he can be pretty solid coming out of the slot and making plays, but for fantasy he isn’t a guy you can trust or have any real upside. We have seen enough out of Kerley career to determine at best he is only a bye week filler on a WR needy team.

  • Austin Proehl is very interesting to me he checks in at 5’10” around 190 lbs and has the pedigree seeing as how his dad was a pretty good WR at the NFL level. This is one player to watch when camp rolls around because he might be able to win the slot role over Kerley and given that he is a rookie he can still improve if he gets on the field this year to show what he can do. He could even had a chance to take snaps away from Zay Jones given how bad he was last year. Keep an eye on Proehl during training camp this year.

Charles Clay

  • Clay has spent 3 years in Buffalo and so far has never lived up to his breakout season in Miami. Clay the first 4 weeks of last year was starting to finally live up to his contract before he got hurt but he started to see targets and receptions go his way considering he was the only good WR in Buffalo this year.
  • Clay coming into this year still has an opportunity to be an impact TE but there are so many better options and high upside players I would take my chance with over Clay.