By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: May 11th, 2018


  1. Joe Flacco
  2. Lamar Jackson
  3. RG3

Joe Flacco

  • Flacco has to be on the bottom tier of fantasy QBs, he has never had an exceptional year his entire career in Baltimore and has never elevated the offense to be something more than what it was. Flacco’s only reason he hasn’t been replaced earlier is because he is still riding the coat tails of that superbowl win.

  • Flacco greatest attribute as a QB has always been his arm, he throws a solid deep ball and it showed with Mike Wallace the last couple years reviving his career there. Over the course of Flacco’s career he has always been a QB to focus on middle of the field throws and a lot of check downs. This year could be slightly different for Flacco given the new additions the Ravens brought for him but I wouldn’t expect Flacco to take advantage of it and step up his game because he has never done that throughout his career

  • Flacco is not even on a fantasy radar he is at best just a bye week filler based on matchup and the same goes for dynasty. The only way you consider having him on your roster is in 2 QB leagues.

Lamar Jackson

  • Jackson was the player I was most excited to see get playing time early, because of his running ability he could make an immediate impact being a fantasy QB. He has all the physical tool but needs to get bigger which will happen over time and smarter with the way he runs so he doesn’t take unnecessary punishment. Landing in Baltimore doesn’t give him a quick path to being a starter but he could take over for Flacco if he can’t utilize all the WR they brought in.

  • The one main concern I had with Jackson was accuracy but when you look at his numbers he has been able to improve that over his time in college and I would still expect him to improve as he is now in the NFL. But with his running ability he will be able to create a lot of easy throws for himself early on while he continues to improve as a passer.

  • I love Jackson but this year might not be his year to be a full time starter, he is a must draft player in dynasty leagues and we can only hope he gets a chance to start over Flacco as soon as possible


  1. Alex Collins
  2. Buck Allen
  3. Kenneth Dixon

Alex Collins

  • Collins is one of my favorite players coming into this season because I feel like everyone is undervaluing him. Collins took over the starting role last year and just kept on rolling. In his limited role last year he was racking up yards after yards and once he got to start he just kept the good times rolling.

  • Collins jumped into Baltimore without any off-season to get acclimated and was not even familiar with his teammates once he started to get playing time. This year he is coming in with a full off-season and the confidence to be the full-time start, to also go along with a new WR core that could help open things up a little more for Collins this year.

  • Collins is a guy who I will be targeting in all my drafts as of right now he is undervalued and people are still on the fence about him, in dynasty leagues he is a good piece to target because mostly likely you can get him at a decent price and he is a starting running back in Baltimore.

Buck Allen 

  • Allen had a productive enough year last year with Dixon missing all season and Danny Woodhead missing a ton of time. Allen isn’t a threat to Collins workload as you can see down the stretch last year. Allen biggest asset to the team is his pass catching ability, not once during his time with the Ravens has he ever average over 4 ypc. Not someone I would be overly concerned with coming into this year. All he is this year is a handcuff to Collins.

Kenneth Dixon

  • The wildcard of this group is Dixon, last year he was expected to be the workhorse but ended up missing all of last year with an injury. During his rookie year he looked the part of a full time workhorse back catching and rushing for the ravens. But as it stands right now Collins took over as the back for the Ravens last year and it doesn’t look like Dixon should expect anything more than a couple carries a game to give Collins a breather from time to time. But if Collins goes down we might see Dixon recapture some of that appeal he had after his rookie season.


  1. Micheal Crabtree
  2. John Brown
  3. Willie Snead
  4. Hayden Hurst
  5. Mark Andrews

Micheal Crabtree

  • Crabtree his last 3 years in Oakland had been a TD machine and one of Carr’s favorite targets. He is a big bodied WR who knows how to separate with his body to make plays. He doesn’t have the speed to burn people but he has always been good at winning the 50/50 balls especially in the redzone.

  • Crabtree is going to walk into Baltimore as the #1 WR right off the bat. He is going to give them a redzone presence that they have never had at WR and given them more options when they get inside the 20 yard line.

  • Crabtree on any fantasy team is a solid depth option to have in case you get devastated with injuries. I don’t think his yardage will hit over 1,000 yards, which he has only done twice his entire career and with Flacco its all but a sure thing he will be below that mark. But I expect Crabtree to hit around 8 TDs this season to help carry his fantasy value.

John Brown

  • Injuries have been the story for Browns entire career so far. So many a fresh start in Baltimore can be just what he needs to get back to being the WR he was when he had over 1,000 yards.

  • Brown at 28 is just entering his prime and has blazing speed to beat anyone who is covering him. Brown can lineup all over the field and Baltimore should do everything they can to take advantage of that speed. Flacco throws a nice deep ball and Brown will be the direct beneficiary of that making plays down the field.

  • Brown right now is nothing more than a late round flier/wavier wire pickup. In dynasty leagues its the same way, but I will say this if any WR in Baltimore has a chance to go over 1,000 yards i’d put my chance on Brown.

Willie Snead

  • Snead had a horrible 2017 first it started with his suspension then he suffered an injury and after that he was so far behind he just never got onto the field to try and do anything. Last off-season there was a lot of hype for Snead being a breakout candidate given his impressive numbers the year before but that never materialized for him as one bad thing happened after another to keep setting him back.

  • Now Snead is still a good WR, he doesn’t have the blazing speed Brown does or the ability to win 50/50 balls like Crabtree, but Snead can do everything very good. He has one of the better hands in the NFL just looking at his first 2 seasons with the saints and his impressive catch rate 70% and 68%. Now landing in Baltimore isn’t the ideal landing spot for him to reach the 1,000 yard mark but if John Brown can’t stay healthy like how he has been the last couple year it could give Snead more opportunities to make plays this year.

Hayden Hurst/Mark Andrews

  • Hayden Hurst has an opportunity to start right away for the Ravens he was a good pass catcher and solid blocker in college which could let him start right away for the Ravens and make an immediate impact he has a good overall skill set and he is old for a rookie at 25 years old which could help him start right away given that hopefully he is more mature than most rookies

  • One of my favorite TE in college was Mark Andrews of Oklahoma, he was a receiving machine and always a threat to make plays in the passing game. Now his biggest flaw is that he isn’t the best blocker and looks more like a receiving TE. But like most TE in the NFL they take some time to develop. I believe Andrews is the better TE of the 2 but might only get to play on some situational passing downs this year until he becomes a better overall TE.

  • Whoever comes out on top for this position could have a quick fantasy impact as a rookie for a TE. Flacco’s 2nd leading receiver last year was Ben Watson a TE. Even though there is more competition for targets this year Flacco loves to target his TE which could be very valuable this season, this is a training camp & preseason battle to pay attention to.