By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: May 6th, 2018


  1. Matt Ryan
  2. Matt Schaub
  3. Garrett Grayson


Matt Ryan

  • Matt Ryan had a down year last year coming off his MVP season and that is only natural to experience a little bit of a down year when that happens. The only thing Matt Ryan as always been is a solid QB who has always put up good number. He has thrown for 4,000 yards every year since 2011 and always has been an accurate passer.

  • Matt Ryan only threw 20 TDs last year which was a huge drop from 38 during his MVP season. I would expect him to bounce back and be more around the 25-28 TDs this year. In most league he is easily a QB you might roster. Even in dynasty league he might be a guy you keep on your roster for depth given that he is only 32 years old and just signed a new deal in ATL for another 6 years. He is definitely a QB to target if the price is right given all the guys ATL still has on offense.



  1. Devonta Freeman
  2. Tevin Coleman
  3. Ito Smith


Devonta Freeman

  • Freeman might be one of the more underrated RBs in fantasy last year he showed his first signed of getting banged up a little and missing time but ever since he became the starter in ATL he has averaged over 4.0 YPC and has had over 1,000 scrimmage yards and is always a threat to score TDs in the redzone.

  • Freeman is still young for his position at 26 years old and is very good at his position whether that would be blocking, receiving and rushing. There are no weaknesses in his game. His only weakness is Tevin Coleman holding him back from getting the lion share of the running back carries.

  • In most dynasty leagues if picked up at the right price could be a steal but i would not try and rely on him as your RB1 because of Coleman still being able to get his touches in most games which makes Freeman more of a RB2 on a team.


Tevin Coleman

  • Coleman has been a solid fantasy producer over his career but has never been given the opportunity to be a full time starter. Coleman has shown he can do a lot with his 8-12 touches a game which has always given him some fill in fantasy appeal.

  • This is Coleman final year on his rookie contract so he is nothing more than a fill in fantasy player as long as freeman is healthy. In dynasty leagues i would be really interested in Coleman next year where he might get a chance to be a full time starter and finally to put up some RB2 maybe RB1 numbers if he lands in the right situation.


Ito Smith

  • Smith could be an absolute steal in dynasty formats this year he doesn’t have much value because Coleman and Freeman will get the bulk of the carries and catches out of the backfield but given this is Coleman’s final year under contract could give smith an opportunity next year to take over his role which has turned out to be pretty valuable.

  • Smith in college was a monster running and receiving now the most likely role for him on a nfl team is as a 3rd down back and change of pace. But to me he reminds me a lot of freeman a little undersized but might be able to handle the load in a couple years when he adds more weight.

  • Smith is a guy i would target in the later rounds of dynasty drafts but you might not see his real impact until next season.


WRs & TEs

  1. Julio Jones
  2. Muhammad Sanu
  3. Calvin Ridley
  4. Austin Hooper


Julio Jones

  • There isn’t to much to say about Julio that wouldn’t be see as obvious so we will try to keep this short. Julio is still a monster of a WR the one problem his entire career is that he never scores as many TDs as you would like being a guy that is as big and fast as he is. But Julio is still a WR1 and is 29 years old so he still probably has a couple more years as a WR1.


Muhammad Sanu

  • Sanu over his time in ATL hasn’t really done to much besides being a fill in fantasy player based on matchups and bye weeks and I wouldn’t expect any more from him unless Julio suffers an injury and forces Sanu into a more prominent role.


Calvin Ridley

  • When I first saw Ridley drafted by ATL I thought that this would be a bad fit and would limit his fantasy opportunity having to share targets with Julio & Sanu. But having some time to let this draft pick settle in some more I kinda have taken a different tune on the matter.

  • Ridley coming out of Alabama was one of the better route running WRs in this class along to go with having very good hands and speed. He checks out everything physically also being 6’1” and 190lbs. I definitely think he will get off to a slow start but might be able to finish strong when ATL realized that he is better at WR than Sanu is.

  • I still don’t feel he will be the most productive WR in this class but he has the upside to be really good in ATL with Matt Ryan being his QB and will see playing time right away with ATL.


Austin Hooper

  • Hooper is a TE that might break out his year. Last year I had high hopes for hooper in his 2nd year but TEs usually take time before they develop into legitimate receiving threats. But Hooper showed improvement from year 1 to year 2 and should be in for more of an uptick in year 3 as he is even more familiar with Matt Ryan and the offense.

  • Hooper might finally crack into the top 8 this year and hopefully receive a more consistent role in the offense than he had last year. Right now he is more of a backup TE on your dynasty rosters and even in any regular leagues but he doesn’t have the upside to become a weekly fantasy starting TE.