By: Fantasy Football Dude

Published: May 6th, 2018


  1. Sam Bradford
  2. Josh Rosen
  3. Mike Glennon


Sam Bradford

  • Bradford will be entering his first year with the Cardinals and it from a fit standpoint it doesn’t look that bad. Regardless of what you might think about Bradford he has been a solid QB over the course of his career minus the injuries which will no doubt affect him.

  • Now Bradford walks into a situation where he will have Fitzgerald and DJ as the 2 focal points of the offense which is a pretty good start. Bradford greatest strength over the course of his career is being able to get the ball out quickly and it hit players over the middle of the field with great accuracy. The 2 players who provide that the most with the Cardinals are DJ and Fitz.

  • Over the last 3 seasons he has been a pretty productive player. Just take a quick look:
    • 2015 – Eagles, 14 games 3,725 yards 19/14 Td/Int and 65 comp%
    • 2016 – Vikings, 15 games 3,877yards 20/5 Td/Int and 71.6 comp%
    • 2017 – Vikings, 2 games 382 yards 3/0 Td/Int and 74.4 comp%

  • Those numbers show he can be very effective and help make Cardinals and effective offense and sustain some fantasy relevant players if he can stay healthy. If Bradford can stay healthy I would expect Ricky Seals-Jones and Christian Kirk to make pretty good impacts because of where they should be lining up on the field.

  • Bradford Doesn’t have much dynasty value because he extremely injury prone and he is on the back end of his career. Depending on your league format he is worth a filer but most likely he is just a backup QB in fantasy.


Josh Rosen

  • Rosen will most likely step in at some point this season because I have no faith that Bradford will stay healthy for 16 games. So when Rosen does step in I wouldn’t expect him to diminish the value of Fitz and DJ but he might hurt the values of guys like Kirk, Jones, and Chad Williams if they end up providing solid fantasy contributions with Bradford being their QB.

  • Rosen has very good dynasty appeal given the fact that he will most likely see playing time when Bradford gets hurt and could have some really good games with DJ and Fitz on the team.


  1. David Johnson
  2. Chase Edmonds
  3. D.J Foster
  4. T.J. Logan


David Johnson

  • Looking at the fact that DJ is pretty much a freak and will be back healthy this year is exciting. DJ is a special running back like Bell in that they lineup all over the field on every down.

  • DJ has the speed, hands, and route running ability to be able to play WR if he wanted to which is extremely scary for a defense to deal with in a running back because he can be motioned anywhere on the field. There is no doubt about what DJ will do this year as long as he stays healthy he is a top 3 back and will help carry a fantasy team with his production.

Backup Running backs

  • Chase Edmonds looks like the handcuff to DJ if things go bad again this year but it could end up being a committee backfield again with Edmonds getting carries while DJ Foster catching passes like last year and even TJ Logan getting some time. We won’t know for sure who will win the backup role behind DJ until the preseason starts up and we see how these 3 backs play.


WRs & TEs

  1. Larry Fitzgerald, WR
  2. Christian Kirk, WR
  3. Chad Williams, WR
  4. J.J. Nelson, WR
  5. Brice Butler, WR
  6. Ricky Seals-Jones, TE


Larry Fitzgerald

  • Fitz the last few years just keeps on going to work and continues to own DBs. Fitz and Bradford is a match made in heaven. As I mentioned earlier Bradford Loves to make throws to his TE and his WRs lineup in the slot over the outside WRs.

  • Looking at Fitz 2017 and seeing where he ran the majority of his routes you can see that Fitz will be just fine with Bradford as his QB. Next gen stats will show where Fitz lines up on the field. ( )


Christian Kirk

  • Kirk is an explosive WR coming out of Texas A&M he preformed pretty well out of college and shows all the ability to become a very productive player with his sure hands and ability to make plays happen after the catch.

  • Kirk has a chance to come in and start day 1 for the Cardinals and become a sure fire weapon for them. He is not a burner and won’t be asked to out run people but he has good quickness which is perfect for the role we view him in as a slot WR with Fitz lined up next to him.


Chad Williams

  • Last year Fitz raved about Williams hands and even went as far to say his hands remained him of his former teammate Boldin. That is pretty high praise from Fitz. Williams didn’t make any impact last year and didn’t see the field much either like i was hoping but coming out of gambling state to the NFL seemed more of a challenge for him than what I thought.

  • Williams was a very productive player in college and shows all the physical attributes to be a productive WR at the college level just look at his player profiler below:

Chad Williams

  • Williams is a guy I would love to stash on my rosters because he has the potential to be a very productive WR given that he is checks off every box athletically, we just hope he can translate that to the field.


JJ Nelson/Brice Butler

  • JJ and Butler don’t look to be anything special. JJ Nelson has blazing speed but the problem with him is he just doesn’t have the size to consistently win at the line of scrimmage which is a problem he is an extremely undersized WR that only looks like a deep threat on 4 or 5 WR sets.

  • Butler has the look of a productive NFL WR he has the size & speed but the problem with him is that he has never been productive his entire career in the NFL. His last couple years in Dallas he had chance to take advantage of but never stepped up and don’t expect him to all of a sudden do it in Arizona.


Ricky Seals-Jones

  • This is one of my favorite sleepers heading into this year for TEs, he was a former WR in college at 6’5” and last year showed how valuable he is a pass catcher when given the opportunity. In his limited time last year he showed he can make plays in the passing game.

  • The one thing for him that will be important is that he keeps on improving as a blocker so he doesn’t have to come off the field. Now with Bradford as his QB Jones can have a chance to put up some good numbers. Bradford loves to target his TE and if you look over the years you can see guys like Rudolph and Ertz have their best years with Bradford and Jones can have that kind of impact this year given all the inexperience at WR.